In a couple of days, I’m looking at a teaser image saying “Something Big is Coming.” The sites include Vatsim, Laminar Research (XP-11), Lockheed Martin (P3D), Honeycomb (yokes), Aerosoft.
It looks like they have a web page https://flightsimassociation.com/ .

Does anybody know what is that Big thing?

The FlyByWire team also posted a photo on their facebook with the overhead panel of an A380

They called it something “bigger” :). Possibly not having to do with this something.

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Their one is “Something Bigger”, not “Something Big”.
It looks like that it’s not related with FBW 380 considering the site mentioning something big.

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Does this remind anyone else of “Yivo is coming!”?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh makes sense. Can’t wait either way!

Lots of speculation starting from Laminar and LM merger and ending with a desperate attempt to make some hype over FSExpo which is under certain pressure these days with Asobo not participating :).

Dont know how they could merge, the platforms are very different

but what if they’re planning on creating a brand new sim, maybe with Google in on the partnership as well, for the scenery? :slight_smile:

As @ZdenniZ suggests, it’s probably just hype for FSExpo.

I really doubt it. It’s probably something about FSExpo as others have suggested.The image on the website is also MSFS, it’s an Orbx airport with the watermarked removed I believe


A merge of PD3 with Google streaming ?

The image on the site is MSFS, so I doubt it lol


It’s probably better to read the whole message before replying, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

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The image is from here, it’s one of the last ones there.


I read the whole thing lol, I was agreeing with the last part haha. Should have worded it better

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How do you guys see it’s MSFS ?

go to the orbx page I linked, click show more images, it’s the middle image in the last row

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Alrighty but what might be even bigger about this regional Serbian airport ? Bigger b’cos of Constantine The Greater ? LOL

2 months ago, a company made a very similar website, with the very same “motto”. It resulted to be an onlinne video course for the A320 or the 787.
This website smells exactly the same as the one you mentioned. Are you sure you are not the owner of the site making undercover advertising? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting guess. As a S. Korean simmer, one guy posted on this issue on the local forum asking anyone knows it. Of course, nobody knows. Only so many guesses. That’s it. I have NONE of any relation with that site mentioned.