What is the Best Quest 2 FOV Tangent Multiplier?

Hi i would like to know what do you guys use for this setting in the OculusDebugTool, also do you benefit in performance by using another option beside the default one? I’ve always use the default one but I’m open for suggestion if it improves performance just a bit.

I use Oculus Tray Tool with fov 0.8, 0.8. I think the fov depends on the faceplate and/or spacer you’re using. I’ve seen people go down to 0.6. For me that’s too low as I could see the black borders.

I used to use 0.8, 0.8 too. Any lower was terrible. Have a G2 now which is better, but the quest gets so many updates and improves all the time. Quest2 is excellent value!

Thanks i will try your setting and see my results .

I was expecting the G2 but when i preorder , that preorder never arrive. It was always on waiting for backorder . Now with all the updates to the quest the clarity and performance is great so far. Am getting good performance using it with fenix A320 , but as you may know the fenix is very fps hungry , specially in VR. But even if the fenix wasn’t optimize to use in vr it still works very good for me. A little more performance is worth it for me while using fenix a320 in vr.

I use 0.87 (horizontal) x 0.85 (vertical).
I find this to be perfect for me when using the glasses spacer, even though I don’t wear glasses.


I am using 0.75 - 0.73 but my eyes are closer to the lenses than original face cover. I replaced it with a thinner one which works very well. I cannot see the black parts on the edges.

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I will try replacing the face cover and see how i feel about it.