What is the current state of Salty's 747?

I want to start flying this plane in VATSIM, last time I tried it it was a disaster (a year ago) but Salty were starting to advance in their development.

Is it any good now? Does VNAV work? Any notable bugs?

I also saw there are some soundpacks, does someone recommend me getting one?
Thanks <3

Hmmm. How to answer…

I must admit I haven’t flown it recently (taking a break from long haul missions), but it’s in the best shape it’s ever been in. I know that might not mean it’s good enough for you :laughing:

Updates are still regular and their Discord is still busy with users.

The only bug I remember that I’m not sure they have fully squashed is the LOC bug. If selecting LOC first, then select APPR, it will not capture the glide slope. You need to skip LOC altogether and just go right to APPR when on an ILS approach.


Thanks for your reply! I am flying irl right now but I will check it once I get back home

Oh, one big plus I failed to mention is that it is now part of the FBW A320 installer, so being notified of and completing updates is super easy.


It has improved hugely! Since a year ago, taxiing has become way better, Simbrief-integration, VNAV works as long as you put hardcoded alt’s and speeds at certain points in your descent in the fmc. Still challenging to fly, but pleasant nevertheless. It makes good progress.

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Last week I did EHAM to TNCM with Salty 747, it was good even with 4x sim rate.
Not good as FBW A320, but very noticeable upgrade from vanila 747. So far I like it.


It seems to be ok, but the terrain radar is not operational, unless there has been an update recently.
So if flying in the dark or low cloud, be sure of your approach plates and good luck.

I uploaded it last week, after several attempts to start the APU. I uninstalled it. I watched a lot of YouTube vids on it. Just didn’t work for me.

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The updated 747-800 doesn’t need the Salty mod anymore. Same goes for the 787-X and the HD mod.