What is the latest on AI & live traffic improvements?

Any developments with 3rd party devs etc?

There hasn’t been any…ever.

thats actual not true since some weeks :wink: Contact betwee MS and AIG has been established after the last Q&A.


That may be true, but what has come of it?

can not talk about specifics yet

What exactly do you want them to talk about? RW liveries? Or the AI traffic behaviour? Right now, for example, AI takes ages to vacate the runway, which makes other traffic have to go around. Also, the go-around results in AI traffic flying seemingly random at low altitude over the airport in all kinds of directions.


AIG will be worth waiting for…



Just like we wait for accurate wx, visibility options, an efficient update process…oh never mind. its pointless.


I would like them to talk about improvements to AI and live traffic they have done or are doing and/or any collaborations of such with 3rd parties.


I agree that having collaborations with 3rd parties (like AIG) will get it done a lot faster.


We need the Live AI Traffic to be fixed in as much as correct taxiing and take off, separation and landing. Also need correct AI Traffic to be displayed with Live Traffic data being injected correctly into the SIM.


I’m really seeing much more A.I. traffic these days. Every time I go into the sim I’m seeing A.I. active at the airports and out and about (I mean literally miles and miles from the nearest airport). I don’t have online live traffic set, just CPU A.I. traffic.

I only ever very rarely used to see A.I. - if at all. Now it’s happening much more frequently. For instance, today at Clarke Airport (Philippines) - a reasonably mid-sized regional airport (I think) - I counted 6 A.I. planes - 5 in the skies around the airport and 1 taking off right in front of me.


I don’t have any Ai traffic at all, even when my slider is set at 100% there is none unless I go on live traffic.

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I have given up Ai traffic, it has been nine months since release, and no third party developer seems to be interested in making money on this, even though the demand is huge.

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So i take it that you haven’t even bothered looking at the forums here? Cause if you had, you’d know that at least two high profile AI traffic developers are desperately trying to deliver a product for FS2020 but Asobo aren’t exactly returning their calls.


I tried yesterday offline ai traffic for the 1st time, as it was kinda sad to meet about 2 other traffic for some hours of flight.

Put 50% liners/50% GA

Did a flight from CYQB to CYUL

My god the sky was alive😳
Atc chatter all trip long.
Was fun

Gonna tweak the numbers, but so far its better than their(small % of) FlightAware traffic

One setting that NOBODY talks about how they set when they talk about “Oh, I see AI Traffic” is the “Use Generic aircraft for AI”. How are people setting this? How are you setting up your AI? Do you create AI liveries for every livery you own? How do you set isAirTraffic? isUserSelectable.

I’ve found that with “Use Generic” option turned off, it completely ignores the isAirTraffic parameter in the aircraft.cfg files. With it turned off, I rarely get my other liveries to show up even with isAirTraffic on and/or an AI Traffic version of the livery, and I constantly see planes I DON"T want to see (isAirTraffic is set to 0).

It seems like most people who are interested in AI traffic turn off Live Traffic?

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AI Traffic in the current Version is bugged. No 3rd party developer is currently able to develop any final product because of this. And as long as ASOBO is messing around with wht internal AI system (cahnges with each update) no developer can release any product without making plans on how to fix stuff that might get broken by a new update.

Example: We could have released OCI earlier this year, but the last update would have broken it to an extent that we could not provide any fix for it. No Payware developer is willing to take this risk, and for us freeware developers, we have better thinks to do in our spare time. Specially if there are Sims with a solid working AI system :wink:

AIG is in contact with MS/ASOBO to discuss some AI related stuff.


Such a shame… I don’t understand why Asobo have to change things within ai. I hope contact between aig and asobo will be successful.

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I bet these are changes on some other part that might affect this. I guess ASOBO is only using generic airliners in their AI setup, so they actual can not check title matching