What is the manual cache?

hello I have a question, someone knows what the manual cache is, I say it because as I have had many desktop crashes without an error message I started to investigate and supposedly what supposedly causes it is the manual cache but the reality is that I don’t know which one I have Dynamic cache disabled I do not know if I am doing well to leave it disabled, if someone can tell me if I am doing well in disabled or if I have to activate the dynamic cache tell me if that influences desktop crashes without error if you can tell me also what is the manual cache please.

There are two kinds on cache files in the sim;

  • Rolling cache: you allocate a certain amount of space on your drive, where the sim will store photogrammetry etc while you fly. If you revisit certain locations often, the sim will be able to grab these files from the cache, instead of having to download them from the Azure cloud.
    If you’re not flying in the same areas often, then the Rolling cache has no value for you, since it will store data, and overwrite it with new data without you ever re-using it.

  • Manual cache: You specify specific areas to download in low/medium/high detail before you start a flight (maybe a city and area where you tend to start loads of your flights). This data will be downloaded before you even set up a flight. You’ll have to manually set this up, so if this doesn’t ring a bell for you, you most likely aren’t using it.

Hope this helps out.

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To add… Manual cache has so far been “rocky”. I would avoid it for now, as it’s a bit buggy to setup. Rolling cache appears helpful and in theory reduces your network requirements and pulls data quicker from a local drive. (if you have been in that area before) It doesn’t seem like you need to go nuts with it. 8 - 32GB seems like plenty for it.

Manual cache, when it has worked, is pretty good. It saves me data pull, which means money - mostly because I fly the same airspace a lot.

In the beginning, there was a bad performance/memory leak which made subsequent map caches slower and slower to paint and create as you added more individual maps in the overall cache file. It was stable for me right up until about World Update 3, when I read the notes on the Manual Cache deletion in preparation for the update push.

Indeed. I used it and it worked great. Well, until the last update. Now manual cache is completely broken.