What is the max size of communinty folder

Hi so i just got msfs 2020 and i have something in community folder and i want to ask what is the max capacity to the community folder (When it starts to lag and it slows)


Hello @KubbiZapprazny,
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I don’t think there is a maximum, I know I once inadvertently tried to load my entire collection (almost 2TB!) but when it was taking absolute ages I shut it down. I’d guess your RAM capacity may have an influence.

Personally I use MSFS Addons Manager (Flightsim.to) to organise and control my addons so that I only load whatever I’m going to need for my next flight into the C/F. That, theoretically, reduces the load time - but probably only by a few seconds unless you try what I did!

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There doesn’t seem to be a limit, but a long while back, I did run into an issue where it would stick at a certain size. I tried removing mods, adding others… it was not a single mod - it just would stop at a certain size.

Currently I’m far past that though, so I think they fixed that issue with one of the updates. I currently have 431 GB in Community. That doesn’t count a separate folder for purchases from Orbx and it all loads fine - though it takes about 7 minutes.

Same here: content manager shows aprox. 650 GB of installed content, plus what I load into Community folder via AddOn Linker (usually not more than 50-75 GB).

Loading time is also around 7 min. on my rig…

My loading times are prolonged due to the fact that I have AIG full install, FSLTL full install and GAIST V3 full install in my community folder. Those three addons alone are responsible for 90% of my loading time, so all other 400 addons in my community folder are anyway always active as it does not add that much anymore compared to the three mentioned above :wink:

@AnkH828072 Why not move these to another drive and use Addon Linker?

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Because I am lazy and often do not know where and with what plane I want to fly when starting up MSFS :wink:

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The problem is not the size but the amount of loaded addons by game. We saw several updates ago that there was at least one initial limitation when trying to load more than 1024 addon folders (official + community) as game could not finish the checking for updates step during launch.

That was mitigated but I would say it´s not completely fixed yet. If you delete all scenery indexes you will see that game does not generate all indexes during the first game launch. You need at least 2-3 consecutive game launches to index the whole content collection. This means that not all content is loaded at once, at least in the first pass. This still happens with current game version because I tested that after the WU16 release as part of the throubleshooting for the missing POIs 3D models issue we detected some days ago.

Another behaviour is the frequent hanging of blue loading bar when returning to main menu after a flight. At that stage an additional checking for updates is performed for Marketplace content and it clearly has problems to be completed and can even fail resulting in an infinite loop there, similar to the original loop we had upon launch in the earlier game versions prior to the mitigations.


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Also my reason

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Thanks for your answer