What is the MINIMUM Internet D/L Speed Requirement

What is the MINIMUM Internet D/L Speed Requirement?
I have a friend that has a 35-45 MB D/L speed which I believe is stable.
He sometimes does not see other players, live weather stops and multiuser is sometimes greyed out in his settings panel.

His setup looks good compared to mine yet he is very unstable seeing other players.
One day he will see other planes and the next day nobody.
We have the same East Coast US Server selected and it shows about a 45ms delay.

Tracking online players shouldn’t consume much bandwidth at all. Probably on the order of kilobytes per second but I haven’t really investigated it. I assume that Bing/photogrammetry consumes a lot more, in the megabytes.

Thank you for your comments.
I agree with you, however, we just cannot figure out why my friend cannot seem to connect to multiplayer reliably. Spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to help him so that we could fly together but we never got to the place where he could see other players. He did see live weather. We will check again later today and see how it goes but right now I cannot see anything on his system different than mine. I used team viewer to actually see his screen to make sure all the settings for multiplayer were the same as mine.

Could it be a NAT traversal issue with his router/firewall?

Where is he located? Ask him to try a VPN to say maybe a Seattle Server?

He is located about 30 miles from me in Pensacola, FL
I keep feeling something is not right with his internet but a few more tests later today may help.
I do not feel he is capable of setting up a VPN. He will not even know what that is…smile.
We will look at all the settings again late afternoon.

Interesting thought !
I’ll be contacting him again late afternoon today and we will see if anything is different.
Appreciate your ideas !