What is the official update sizes for (patch 2)?

It shows 15.69GB but mine already 23.67GB and still not finished yet

p/s : picture shown update sizes when the screenshot was taken

I’ve been through steam updates for 300mb something

102 Gigs here…

15gb and change here…5min install

110 GB the whole game

Mine 15.7GiB
1.5 hours

I have finished download and it works. But total downloaded here almost 30 GB

Jip. I’ve got 110.83GB…

I’m at 19.4Gb, and was thinking that I’d be getting closed to finishing, but you say yours is 110? That means you are downloading the whole game again, in theory.

Then 1 has to ask, why some folks only 15Gb and others 30/60/90/110 Gb?

La première fois 11,46Go, après j’ai lancé le jeux, j’ai fait à peine 2 minutes de vol le jeux c’est arrêté, puis je l’ai relancé, pareil. À la troisième fois il à fait une mise à jour de 102Go, puis il plante et à chaque relance de jeux il Telecharge 102Go à nouveau

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Same here…patch download runs since 10 hours now,
task manager shows fluctuating 16MBits/s…my broadband has 100MBit/s btw.