What is the percentage of people that are acrualy having any real problems with this sim?

Have had some issues, but always fixed quickly with some quick research. Most issues are from poor documentation/communication from microsoft.
FYI I am a 62 yo retired bloke.

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I’m having various issues in the sim. The VFR flight plan bug, the render scaling causing artifacts, some 3rd party addon issues,…

Annoying? Yep.
Game breaking? Nope.

Still can enjoy flying it, even if I have to work around some of them.
I hope the CTDs will be fixed in WU6 for all that are seeing them. These are really bad once you are affected.


The issue of happy or not happy with FS2020 has indeed been covered many times before in different topics here. I think this is an impossible question to answer. It has been pointed out that unhappy folks are much more likely to be vocal and happy folks tend to remain silent. Even unhappy folks are not necessarily unhappy for the same reason. This sim is very complex and accesses on line data as part of its work. There are probably dozens if not hundreds of different installations out there with different software on them and owners with different skills.

It must be 100% in this state of the sim

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I guess it depends on the definition of “real problems” at least.

I’m 71 and are enjoying the sim but don’t fly it all that often. I have been flying FS since 1985 and the novelty of flying all the time has worn off. I have done most of my hours in FSX flying long-haul and around the world flights but now just enjoy doing VFR flights flying a couple of thousand feet AGL.

You’ll never get a clear indication of actual hard numbers, unfortunately. The vast majority of any playerbase never actually visit the forums for their chosen game/sim at all. Of those that do, there are far more “readers” than there are “speakers”. That’s especially true of those who, like you, are not having and particular problems that are really bothering them. Few people jump on a forum to shout about how happy and content they are with a product. :wink:

Personally, I’m among those who is not have any real issues, certainly nothing game-shattering.

Same here. Absolutely no game breaking issues at all on my end. There are a few (at least for me) minor issues that I’m sure will be taken care of in the future.
The overall majority of the issues that get mentioned in the rants or informative critical posts here do not manifest on my pc.

So what can I say? Am I lucky? (happily yes I am :wink:) Does my pc fall in the category of golden configurations? Am I sensible by not overloading the sim with all kinds of third party apps and flying mostly vanilla in the current state of maturity of the sim? Is it that I am solely flying GA VFR and occasional IFR?

What I am seeing very often here is that quite some topics that start out positively get hijacked by critical people who write about the same issues over and over again. Apparently to build up pressure on Asobo to get things fixed. I also see this happen, though less, the other way around. People keep telling the community that they don’t experience all the things that others are ranting about, or don’t bother as much.

So while your question is absolutely valid, it is impossible to answer. Rest assured that the sim makes very many people on this earth very happy in it’s current state. There are always people who cannot enjoy it because of various reasons. The last weeks I decided I’d fly more than read and react on this forum. For me that was a good decision!


It depends how intensively you use the sim. Some people don’t even notice the bugs because they don’t use all the features or don’t care about them. If you do one short flight a week the chances of CTDs and issues are also smaller. For instance when you are going for a one hour flight today and i’m doing a 10 hour flight, my chances of my flight being ruined are 10 times higher.

And i have a long list of issues, most of them exist since the release a year ago. Probably some people won’t even notice these issues, but more advanced/intensive users will:

  • Units of measurement not correct/ not customizable.
  • Mouse pointer vanishing while clicking buttons. I constantly have to move my mouse slightly while clicking buttons repeatedly so it keeps registering clicks.
  • Logbook entry screen showing in middle of shutdown procedure. Very irritating.
  • Terrain LOD broken at high latitudes. Can’t fly to Svalbard/Northern Greenland without broken terrain tiles.
  • Snow on runways.
  • Can’t remove default AI liveries. I don’t want to see non existing liveries while visiting airports.
  • World map doesn’t save filter settings. Very annoying all the clutter with all the POIs block my map.
  • No way to set visibility in the sim.
  • Sim startup takes longer and longer with more add-ons installed.
  • Glitching jetways.

Also things like them changing trim sensitivity settings will go unnoticed by most casual users, but will infuriate power users.

Most users didn’t even notice we don’t have wind gusts currently! It’s not a minor issue. Wind is one of the most important things in a flight simulator and it’s completely broken.


It seems like every time I jump in the cockpit there is always some issue with MSFS. Examples are:

  • Rudder pedals and Yoke suddenly need full right to maintain level, then not when changing aircraft
  • Complete cities missing from the sim (3D buildings)
  • Huge polygons appearing on top of the Cessna Caravan cockpit
  • Airports missing terminals
  • VR is a shimmering blurry mess
  • Level of Detail is getting smaller with each update
  • Airplane stress levels reached when descending (Cessna Caravan again)
  • Live weather always brings stutters

I have more issues with the Game and until they fix these and more it remains a Game IMO.

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Same here. I‘m „only“ 34 but I‘m not a PC geek at all, I‘ve flown flightsims since FS98 and used nearly all of the Microsoft- and following Lockheed Martin lineup. I‘ve never had as few real problems as with MSFS. The only CTDs I‘ve had with MSFS were due to incompatible freeware addons, for example the message bug in the GNS530 mod or some faulty sceneries. I have a stable PC with no overclocking etc, no fancy gaming boosters etc, just a normal 5 years old computer, 6th gen CPU, GTX1080Ti, sifficient RAM.

At the same time I‘ve had MASSES of CTDs in P3D. ntdll.dll, G2D.dll, 3rd party dlls, then scenery issues with ORBX landscape, fights against clouds visible through mountains with Active Sky and ASCA. Nearly 2 years of verification issues with FSL, sound artifacts with Milviz and PMDG. All were resolvable (except the CTDs) but required a LOT of forum and support time.

BUT: Right now I don‘t feel any urge to fly in MSFS. I use TrackIr and the scenery popping in all the time is so incredibly annoying that it spoils the fun to the point where it‘s actually „game breaking“ even if it‘s a stable sim here.

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my honest thoughts about this is, if your try to use this software as a SIM 100% of those using it will have a real problem trying. if you’re on a xbox/mid-range pc and just start on a runway or midair, “fly around” for 10-30min maybe even at one of those suggested locations then you’re good.
Problem is, either MS/Asobo want both parties to be happy or only one of them, the latest updates and changes suggest the later one.

if you’re not experiencing ANY of those problem (which i doubt) then you’re the one person “not having a problem with this sim”

This answer will not make me popular, it’s just a personal opinion and not necessarily the truth in the eyes of a reader. I try to answer with the uppermost respect.

Like mentioned by others, users who are having problems tend to be more present and some extra vocal at forums than people who are having no problems. But to have these as hard statistical numbers, we just don’t know.

If you take a look at forums in general people who visit them can be categorised (sorry) which creates a tendence a product is in a more bad shape than it probably actually is.

I’m not trying to offend anyone, just trying to answer on what’s possibly the OP’s reason of the post.

There are users who legitimately are having a game breaking experience. No doubt in that. But when looking in the forum as a whole, that group does not appear in the majority when reading between the lines.

Game breaking is in the eye of the beholder in what that user experiences as game breaking. One will say: “my house does not look like in real life, such a game breaking experience!” While someone else says “I can’t start my game!” And everything in between. In my honest opinion game breaking means "the moment the software breaks and is unable to continue, the game is litterally ‘breaking’ ".

It looks like the majority experiencing game breaking issues come from summarised:

  • The sim not representing real world and environment,
  • Incorrect airplane systems behaviour and reaction to the environment,
  • Emotional and narcistic elitism comparisons to other sims (It’s the term ‘Simulator’ that triggers for any possible reason),
  • Platform elitism (Xbox versus PC) where every little difference in system or person us grabbed upon to mention issues
  • People who just like to see the world burn or are acting like sheep.
  • People who are talking from a place the sun never shines.
  • Neglecting external factors (overclocking, other misbehaving applications, that one single location in a RAM stick, not found by the OS but just won’t register a 1 and stays a 0)

I think the first two points are based on expectations from new users in general. The first three points are coming from mainly users who compare this simulator with established simulators already in development for 25 years. No difference made between real aviators or knowladgable users (aviation/developers/system admins/users who carefully try to keep their PC in shape/etc…).

So, because of the vocal presence of some of these users it starts to look really bad and the impression of users having real problems quickly escalates larger than it actually is. Especially because of the last four points.

The trick is to read between the lines. When taking a closer look at forum posts, at a certain point you will see what a user is really saying or doing.

There are also users who are giving positive feedback of problems/issues/inconsistencies based on the above first two points. This because they understand the simulator is still young, and they know asobo needs our input to make it better. But despite being positive, it will be added to the negative (tendency) because the negative is often so extremely vocal.

There are definitely legid issues with this simulator, and they definitely need to be addressed. I’m not talking about world environment or aircraft systems which can be improved. But about the sim/game engine (or it’s usage) and the installer (not the app store) which are impacting sim stability.

To answer the question:
We don’t know, but behaviour and emotions are possibly making it more worse then it in fact is.

And to answer others wo would respond to this with: “there are so many users reporting issues” my answer would be, “is it really? Unless Asobo is able and will responds with we found amount% of users having game breaking issues because of the game”. We are proofen right or wrong. Untill then we just don’t know and keep on identifying real issues.

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Perhaps the question to ask is, “What percentage of forum users are just here to troll?” The level of trolling on this forum is stunning. Some of the trolls are hard to catch because they try to look like ordinary users, but it’s not hard to see from the patterns of their posts what they are up to. Their goal is to make it look like there are nothing but problems here. Their goal is to “spin up” their target so they waste energy on chasing silly issues. Then they give silly advice like, “take your computer apart and clean the contacts with alcohol to get 5 more fps.” Don’t feed the trolls.

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I love the Sim, but I have three issues that really get under my skin at the moment.

  1. Turn back to last Waypoint when changing / selecting approach in flight
  2. ATC asking to get to climb / descent even so you are at your assigned altitude
  3. Since recently, horrible airport building bugs. Floating Roofs, Missing textures etc…
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Just about any complex 3rd party airports are broken regarding jetways and apron texturing. Also some simobject packages have unwanted texture swapping. And Unreal Weather no longer works as expected due to changes Asobo made in the last update.

I am experiencing the airport texture / floating roofs issue at pretty much any airport that I fly to. Currently I am hopping around between medium sized airports in Southern / Central Africa. Seems to be a global issue for me. From all the bugs this is the most annoying one for me. I really hope that Asobo / MS will address this with the next Hotfix coming with WU6. Has anyone heard anything from the Devs on this?

As I mentioned in my earlier post; this topic has been covered many times and there is no simple answer.

This topic has a poll which is probably the best way to gauge where you are in respect of issues with the sim

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