What is this package o 80,74 gb?

Whst is this package o 80,74 gb ?
How to download?

It is the size of the core content of this game. Nothing to download now.
That text is a bug telling you too early to update (update is ready, that’s why it’s there, but it hasn’t been published yet), and that text goes away after update. Update is coming within a week or so.

This is the base package of MSFS, which is not managed by content manager and just checked at sim restart.

Its says nothing about coming updates and is always there. The text is misleading.

Wrong. It’s there only when there is update coming soon. This feature is bugged, informing too early to update.

This is how it is normally:

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Interesting. I’ve not seen it be blank, ever. But I don’t go looking often either.

Anyway, to OP. The package size has absolutely nothing to do with patch size.

80,74 gb is more than a patch.isn’t it?