What is True Cockpit mode

so i found true cockpit mode in camera options and cant figure out what it does other than disable your mouse for view changes and attach the time of day to my controller d pad. anyone else have better knowledge?

I would like to have an answer too. I only discovered it today in the options (not sure if it was there before the patch?) and can not figure it out.

Indeed, count me in, I’d also like to know more about this option.

I believe its supposed to be true perspective, but currently it looks to be a debug cockpit mode for testing with the ability to change the lighting. Funny thing is it even changes the live weather mode.

Thank’s Rob, yes in the meantime I read about it on DevBlog…complex project but so beautiful and HUGE. :slight_smile:

gotta link?

Sure, here —> https://www.flightsimulator.com/october-30th-2020-development-update/

Thank you, but I checked the page you provided the link to and can’t find anything on the topic. Could you please clarify? Thanks!

With True cockpit on I am not able to select any other cockpit views I have assigned. I assume this cockpit mode is exactly as it is named. You’re in the cockpit and you have 1 view just like a real pilot. I have TrackIR so that’s no problem for me, but I still turned it off. I would think this would be a better option for VR users.

I have the true cockpit mode off, but i can not use the free view camera type in cockpit or external view anymore… I also can not select and activate the right mouse click view in the in flight menu. What is wrong with this? Thanks…

that’s re tarded. and also i don’t think that is its purpose

True Cockpit mode is mainly for the VR, it is an ongoing implementation - once it’s finished it will have the description and we’ll get more feedback on it from Asobo.

The loss of the free view camera mode in the cockpit and external views is not related to the True Cockpit mode - you need to check out your settings under General–>Camera to see what is set as the preferred way for the freelook mode between the Toggle/Hold - then check the Mouse assignment for the Toggle freelook (Hold), etc.

There is a particular way of how it is set to work, just carefully go trough those settings, read the descriptions and you’ll figure it out.

This is a new bug in the sim, that i don’t have the mouse free look anymore…! All settings checked and tested. I am not the only one, who have this problem since a few days. Can you make a test and go to your in flight camera menu and try to change the camera type from fixed to free and close the window with x and tell me what happens. Thanks!

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