What is wrong to those "checkered" trees?

Today I started the sim from Australia, and what I saw from my window was this image. The trees looks like to have a “shadow” behind it, and are very “square” like military uniform pattern. My preset is Ultra, nothing in community folder…
I remember when, after SU5, the trees simply “disapeared” when my airplane approached it, the same way clouds do.
Any tips to solve this, or it is “normal” now?

RTX 3080
Ryzen 7 2700x
32Gb ram 3000


Where in Australia are those trees? I will see if they’re any different on my system.

You are very close to the trees, so they are lower resolution than they are from above. Thus they look low resolution and the pixelation/interpolation gives you this effect of little “squares”. The “ghosting” is probably interpolation between rendering at two different detail levels.

(As far as I now trees have always looked like this, certainly since November 2020.)

The first big tree on your left

Yeah u may be right. I never noticed it before, I will pay more attention to this

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