What is wrong with ATC Specifically

That kind of makes sense but it would be helpful if it were related to current altitude or, as I thought at the outset, a specific altitude in order to avoid IMC conditions

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I have fixed a lot of phraseology issues for people flying in EU, I just have to find a way to distribute it now. The issue you are mentioning is harder to do as its in the core system. I could change the text in the ATC window to “Request cruising altitude ± … ft”, I’m not sure what it even displays now. Keep an eye on this thread:

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From the release notes of the new patch, I spied this:

  • ATC should respond to requests for changing an approach into an airport

That would explain why I they ignored me, so I will give this a go tonight!

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Yeah, I hope this is fixed. With the badly broken weather, they often assign incorrect approaches that are completely crosswind when there are valid runways heading upwind. ATC would ignore any request to change approach prior. Let’s hope it’s actually fixed. I honestly take anything in the changelog with a grain of salt until I see it working for myself.

The speed at which the speak is way to slow. and the time it takes for the options to become available is also pretty long. That should be reduced and an option to choose the speed at which the controller and pilot speaks should be available. As in editvoicepack for previous sims.

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Hello guys, I released my EU phraseology mod, doesn’t solve everything but its a start:

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Well…changing approaches is working well except that you can’t actually change the runway! Getting the approach you want is somewhat invalidated when it is followed by “circle to land…” on a runway I don’t want!

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You can request a different runway. I’ve seen that option several times.

Figures. They messed it up again.

ATC has been way worse since the patch when it comes to altitudes on approach. Almost every flight I’ve taken since Tuesday had resulted in me being at my cruise altitude until I’m basically at the airport. They tell me to drop to the correct altitude for my instrument approach. Then while I’m still on far too steep of a descent, they tell me to go back up to a higher altitude.

Me too, but that no longer seems to be option after changing your approach.

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Recent exchange with ATC approaching Salzburg. All of these in the space of a couple of minutes!

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We certainly don’t want them speaking as fast as they do in real life Thanks. If you want that much realism, use Vatsim. This is a game for people of mixed interest in and ability to follow aviation procedural theory. The game and its ATC system has to cater for everybody. ATC that speaks as fast as they do in real life would be very difficult for many to follow.



114 miles. I’m afraid my eyes are too bad to spot the runway (especially with this low LOD)


He clearly stated he’d like a way to change the speed of ATC, not to make it fast for everyone by default.

I’ve noticed this as well. We’re now getting these types of instructions either WAY too far out, or way too close to the destination airport.

To be honest I don’t mind the “report rwy in sight” that much. It’s much better than being vectored into the mountains

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Indeed. But when you get dropped down from FL310 to 3000 feet 1/3 of the way through a 300NM trip and there are 5000 ft mountains between you and your destination, it’s a problem. Had this scenario happen to me just yesterday. ATC seems to be getting worse each time they touch it.

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I think the fundamental problem is that radar vectoring was removed from the simulator and replaced with functionality to generate a continuous end to end RNAV flight path by rubber-banding procedures together with bogus USER waypoints. Then “radar vectoring” was added to those RNAV flight paths by giving you the option to request a vector to your next waypoint on that bogus RNAV path.

That method is a bad idea that does not work.

I talk about that in more detail here:

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Yes I know what he clearly stated but the practicality of having a variable speed for ATC is more complicated than it sounds. They have enough issues with other things so the likelihood is they would just change the default speed, not give us a variable slider which adjusts pitch automatically to compensate for speed change in the voices.

Speed adjustment of text to speech has been a part of TTS since it was first shoehorned into Windows 25+ years ago. It’s a matter of a slider to select the speed. I don’t know how this would overly complicate things. This is old tech that already exists.

Well without knowing how the voice system works its pure speculation how easy or difficult it would be I grant you. All I know if Asobo seem to be having enough problems getting things that are already in the sim working properly without adding something else that may go wrong. If people want fast realistic ATC vatsim is the best way forward and light years beyond what any automated ATC system can provide.