What is wrong with lighting model

If i use Asobo provided lights in my scenery object they bleed through the object like it doesn’t exist. I would expect shadows. I try to add area lights within Blender, and they appear as point or spot lights in reflections on the building or object and also bleed through. However, the bleed through is not as bad because i can control the strength. I have a model that looks terrific in Blender and when i view it FS at night its drowned out by the light or looks awful because light is not interacting with the building correctly.


I’m glad to know someone finally who has the same problem as me. You’re my saviour!! I’ve written a detailed post over on FSDeveloper about the issue me and you are both having

Hopefully someone can enlighten us on this as it seems that night shadows in the new Sim work differently to Dynamic Lighting in P3D.

The bleed is just one issue. The other is area lighting is ignored or maybe not yet supported from Blender2MSFS. I use the area light and it comes into MSFS as a point/spot light as seen in my post.