What is wrong with my lights (Cessna 172)

Hi all,

Can you please look at this video and tell me why lights on aeroplane at night is curupted.

How can I fix this?


You may get this topic folded into another thread, as this is an issue that has been discussed several times. It seems to be an issue with the landing/taxi lights, flashlight, and ice light especially. Mine work fine one time, and then later in the flight, I will get the issue. Some people have opined that it’s an issue that a reversion to an earlier video driver will fix/help. I’ve never rolled back my driver to test it, so can’t say if that works or not (Nvidia by the way for me).
You can check for some other threads and see if there is anything recommended that works for you.
I’m holding out for SU7/GOTY release to see if it’s fixed there before I try other things.