What is your greatest challenge in MSFS 2020? A Flight or Best Aircraft?

Hi there, I was just wondering what is your greatest challenge in the MSFS 2020? Whether it be a flight or your favorite aircraft! Any information is greatly appreciated. TIA

Slowing down the DC-6 the proper way within the confines of the frustratingly dogmatic ATC.


I think for me, its what I am undertaking at the moment. A world tour from UK heading East. Using on GA and changing on every continent. So far using the G36 for Europe and will change to the PA28 for Africa.

Ik kan niet meer vliegen met DC6, flaps, rolroeren enz werken niet meer vind dit enorm spijtig en vind geen oplossing.

Guys, the DC6 issues are quite off topic, please head over to https://forum.pmdg.com/ for cummunity help, what you describe sounds like pretty common pilot error and/or installation problems to me. Most likely simply to solve with a short search or with a short new question. I and others with a lot of experience with this aircraft can help there. :slight_smile:

My grewtest challange is a flight. Any flight

Learning at long last how to use those needles… not in the extra curricular activity :rainbow: :nauseated_face: :ghost: but those needles in navigation!!! Then putting those needles in practice and manually flying the A320 in some of those challenging VOR-DME approaches that a320 sim-pilot and that other British guy does!!
Also if you have Navigraph…

You must fly the worlds most spectacular RNP 23 approach into Queenstown NZ and take off using 23 doing that figure eight departure

In the shortest possible time, take-off from Gibralter in the default A320 circle around and land again coming to a full stop. You must pass south of the summit of the Rock on the way. Try that one, hilarious as a group:

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