What new features did you find after patch 2

Apart of a performance improvement i found power lines in the scenery. I did not see that in the notes
Also i think that roads are better done and i think that there are less trees over other things as before.

What other things did you find that is not in the patch notes?


You can now add a space in your callsign. So you can have your callsign as “Air France” instead of “Airfrance”. Also you can use upper and lowercase in the tail number and callsign.

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Control towers added in some airports that were missing .


I’m seeing many power poles. Been flying in Arkansas & Arizona. They look great and they’re in the right places, but for me, they are flickering pretty bad.

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I noticed active pause button on top left of menu while in game. I also liked performance improvement. When starting new flight, I used to have to wait a bit until I could release parking brake and switch to cabin view, etc. Now, these are nearly instantaneous ly available.

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They fixed the bleeding lights inside the a320 cockpit from the taxi light.


Dose the active pause button work? I couldn’t get it to work.

I found out that I need to buy a new SSD and GPU.

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I saw rain drops for the first time on the windshield of the Beachcraft Bonanza.

However the instruments seem to be lagging now (lower fps) and it still can’t reach its listed ceiling height, actually seems to be climbing worse than before.

That the simulator crash every time after the 1830 update :rofl: :exploding_head:

When FS 2020 starts it checks for updates every time. So that is a waste of time since we are unlikely to see updates every week. What we need is what Orbx does. It shows a icon when there is a update. Then the user has the choice to update or not. I am not sure if we have a option to update or not but I still do not see the point checking every launch, at worst once a day

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I’m seeing more AI Traffic. I was very surprised to see a busy airport having 10 or so planes doing procedures and taxing at a given time. It’s still 1/3 of what should be irl (compared to FlightAware) but it’s a big improvement from previous version.

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There’s a new option in the graphics settings all the way at the bottom called “Cockpit screen refresh rate” or something along those lines. Mine was set to medium by default, I set it to high and it seems to be the same as pre-patch.

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Higher resolution of ground textures for sure. Flew over the Chicago, USA are, i can see water towers too now, AI does show them too. Power Pylons also .

It seems like the tree height is better, trees are not as huge as before.

i REALLY wish they would increase the brightness of the ground textures in the sim. When you are looking straight ahead at the horizon, ground textures look dark, when you look down, (dont look at the bright sky directly) they brighten up ( like an exposure effect in a camera). Dont like it.

Planes do seem to behave more realistically in the wind and turbulence.

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My registration number is preserved, so I don’t have to reenter it before every flight. It’s common for all aircraft though.
On the other hand, among new features, there should be a possibility of saving the actual pilot view (besides saving all custom views). I cannot find it.


Does anybody in Europe see water towers / television towers / powerlines?
I don’t see any (ELLX)

Trying to fly in Europe, since 2 days, I mostly see CTDs… so I suppose i’ll try to answer to your question when i’ll be abble to fly again ! :wink:

I’ve read somewhere, that vertical object will be implemented sometime later. Currently, we can spot some wind turbines and chimneys.

I saw wind turbines when flying over Cyprus and they were in the correct place too.

Ok, yes same here, lots of wind turbines and a nuclear power plant (THE single best landmark in Luxembourg, unfortunately MSFS draws it quite late only while you can see it from 50 miles away quite easily IRL)