What other Airports have been pulled from the Marketplace?

I purchased BIKF Keflavik Airport by MK-Studios from the marketplace around the time of the World Update 15. I still have this airport installed and only just realized that it has been removed from the Marketplace. When did this happen? Its nice to get a heads up on this sort thing, should I run into any problems I’d know where to look. When you have over 1200 addons it’s impossible to keep up with everything.

One of the Kai Tak airports got removed because of the duplicate textures and inability to remove the default on XBox. Still available for PC though. Can’t remember who made it but they got back to me to let me know why it was removed, which was nice.

BIKF v2 is about to drop so I suspect that’s the reason.


Supposed to release during the expo.

No mention if it is a free upgrade for existing customers or will have to be purchased net new.

I’m almost certain it’ll be a paid upgrade as it’s essentially an entirely new product. The inclusion of Reykjavik downtown airport tells me that was added to sweeten the deal of having to pay again.

The original was just a P3D port (same as Lisbon and Helsinki) so I think it’s reasonable to expect to have to pay at least something for this new version, as an existing owner. It certainly looks nothing like the original version!

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