What period is the FBW A380x expected to be released?

3 months, next spring, two years? I’m not looking for the date, but roughly when.

They have to release Vnav first


I don’t think FBW publishes release dates until the very last minute. Justifiably so as it is an open source community project run by volunteers and provided for free.

This is the latest info from yesterday (search for A380).

Not anytime soon, but theres not a definitive answer. Maybe around end of year, i dont think it will be earlyer.

I can say with certainty definitely not this year (2021). Other than that, no ETA.


That is still some good information @Iceman2152798 thanks for the heads up!

Before the end of the year we will have the 737 and, likely, the 777 from PMDG, which would make too much to swallow at once if we also had the 380.
I would expect it for the end of 2022 beginning of 2023 if I were to speculate @WavyLake1703361

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How would we release part of the aircraft before the aircraft itself…?

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I’ve been a bit crazy with work but assuming PMDG hasn’t made any announcement yet on their forums or FB re: their 737? I think it’s going to be shown sometime in September?

Yes, Randazzo said “hopefully in September”. That’s PMDG of course and I have no idea about the 380.

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Thanks for the info! Was wondering about that too.