What planes you want to see?

A new TBM. TBM960 for instance !

I think it is Flyingiron simulations that are working in a B17 at the moment. Have a look under the AIRCRAFT category under B17

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When is the TO coming? It is totally removed from Simmarket now.

Twin Otter is included with MSFS2024

The Viggen would be great - one of the few planes that routinely tracked the SR-71.

The Swedes got a lot of practice. It would be lovely to have it as study level, it’s a really iconic plane.

I think a beautiful G650 Gulfstream or a Falcon 7X would be lovely. too.

What would also be interesting is someone taking a go at doing a theoretical study level Boeing 2707-300. We could then see what it might have been like to operate such a plane.

Some instruments would be Boeing 767 style, others bespoke and the entire flight model bespoke.

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I would love a Piper PA-38, because it’s (a) fun to fly in the sim and (b) the only aircraft I have actually piloted in real life. However, Piper aircraft always seem conspicuously absent from MSFS default hangars, probably a licensing issue because I think otherwise they’d be really popular.
Apart from that, I LOVED the Agusta Westland EH101 from FSX Acceleration. I would be delighted to see that return.
Oh, and a Vulcan, but actually probably not as a default aircraft simply because I would rather have a really good one made third party than a cut down one hastily thrown together by Asobo.

I want a B-1B.