What should I buy next: Quadrant or Pedals

I have the Logitech/Saitek Rudder Pedals and I’m very happy with them.

But be forewarned, and whatever pedals you get will take a bit to get used to. After flying for many years with my stick also as rudders, it has been a challenge to break the habit of using the stick.

I removed the binding from the stick, but I still at times, specially on landings, find my self trying to use the stick.

At first you will fly worst with the pedals, but with time, they are way better than using the stick.

I have never been one for quadrant and don’t think I will ever get one.

I do have the Logitech x56 HOTAS, Razer Blackshark Pro Headset and three monitors for full immersion.

My next wish-list item is VR, but not sure if I will go with a current model, or wait for the next generation.

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I have had zero luck flying either fixed wing or helicopters with a twist grip. I can’t fly without rudder pedals. Only aircraft I know that doesn’t have rudder pedals is the Aircoup which hasn’t been made in many decades.

I agree with your gut feelings. Go for the pedals for now. You can always get throttles later, and there are so many kinds of them. Try to get something better than T Flight pedals though.

Good thread. I’ve been looking at a set of pedals as my next hardware investment. Currently I’m using the Thrustmaster T1600 set up. I was going to upgrade to an X-56 and some pedals. What pedals are available if you want something thats decent but not totally bank breaking?

I’m a newcomer to flight simming and have just built a cockpit to learn to fly the Cessna 152 so my experience may not be relevant to what you’re flying.

I bought the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and the Thrustmaster TPR pendular rudder pedals. Even though they don’t get used much I consider the rudder pedals to be my favorite part of the setup. Made of all metal they look and feel far more premium than the Honeycomb products (which I also love) and they make landing especially feel like a joyous moment.

I’ve just learnt about differential braking after weeks of running off the runway onto the grass trying to turn the plane around and now having a blast turning in tight circles.

I feel pedals are a great investment for the satisfaction they bring.


These are definitely one of the few pedals which can be recommended, just a tad expensive…

I’d say $500 to $570 exceeds ‘tad expensive’ guidelines… LOL!

don’t forget everyone that Honeycomb are producing pedals (Charlie) soon, so if it’s along the same quality lines as the A and B products, it may well be worth waiting for!

I was going to wait for them when I built my cockpit and just buy a cheap pair to tide me over, but I figured spending £100 or so on cheap pedals for a few months was a waste so went the with TPR’s as the reviews seemed to suggest they were the best.

I have to say the build quality is far above the Honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant which both feel rather plasticy in comparison. I still love them both, especially the yoke but they definitely aren’t as good as the pedals. If Thrustmaster made a yoke as good as their pedals I’d buy it for sure.

I paid £461 which was definitely not cheap, although Box has dropped the price to £450 since.

I also paid £440 for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant as I couldn’t get it in the UK so imported it from the states and I feel a bit worse about paying out that much for them. They are very nice but they feel like a £250 computer simualation product whereas the pedals feel so solid and heavy they almost feel industrial.

That’s between $610 and $640 stateside. My sympathies, mate. I could have bought a used car in fair shape for that. I think I’m OK with CH yoke and Thrustmaster floor pedals for the moment. Our new president is trying to deplete what little discretionary income I have at the moment, LOL! Sorry. Political issue… If the microchip situation doesn’t improve pretty soon, you may have a valuable commodity on your hands, Sell both and get a used car in fair shape… :rofl:


Haha, in fairness in any other year than 2020 I could never have justified the amount I’ve spent on my PC and flight cockpit. But because of lung disease caused by cancer treatment 20 years ago I was on the government shield list, and have basically had to isolate myself for the last 12 months.

My job wasn’t affected as I’ve been able to work from home but living alone too I had to treat myself to some stellar entertainment to keep myself sane.

It’s been a super cheap year for me in all other regards, no social life, virtually zero car costs, not had to spend anything so had plenty of savings to treat myself.

The cockpit will hopefully last me years now so I’m sorted.

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Love your reply. Retired, here. I also had a chunk of lung removed due to cancer and happy to say there’s no recurrence. There is no better escape than being able to fly to anyplace in the world at your whim. Except for mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn is great. What???

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Glad you’re ok now! It’s a wonderful diversion, and I can see me doing this forever now, and acing every geography question in pub quizzes from now on.

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Here’s a pub question no one else in the pub will know. “this guy is famous, where does he live?” You can answer if you depart from KDEN to the east and use 39.6889761860998, -104.70653514133016 as a way point. You may have to convert to coordinates that MSFS recognizes. It’s only 10 or 15 klicks from KDEN. Hint: that’s my house :laughing:

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Good old stick and rudder flying as they say, they leave out the throttle so I say get rudders and throttle later!

I’d go for the Quadrant. The reason being is that you can still use the Sidestick twist axis to control the rudder in the mean time. It’s a straight axis binding anyway. But the Quadrant has a lot more features that you can use. It has the throttle detents which will help you fly the FBW A32NX and it’s still usable for other aircraft too.

Then there’s engine switches and the reversers that will help you a lot more than simply using the sidestick throttle slider. The good thing as well is, with the power management taken over by the quadrant. You can finally use the sidestick throttle slider as brake axis which gives you a lot more control over how much braking you want.

Since the braking and rudder control can still be performed by the sidestick, the throttle quadrant will add more features to your flying rather than getting the pedals. If you have some money to spare too, getting the Addons are a must as well for the flaps and spoilers, landing gears, and parking brake controls. Once you have all that, then you can get the pedals which can be connected straight to the throttle quadrant instead of your PC, and you should be complete.

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Its easy to manipulate throttle via any number of tricks, but rudder can’t be faked.


I flew GA before I flew flightisim. Just couldn’t comprehend controlling the rudder and differential braking any other way. Coordinated turns are always hands and feet; unless you want to sideslip, then it’s feet and hands :smile: And when it comes to taxi … well, if you don’t have pedals - might as well let AI copilot Charlie do it for you. At least Charlie knows the way.

Of course, you really need both! Whatever you decide … good luck getting hold of preipherals right now :astonished:

Well, that makes it 12 votes for pedals, 2 for quadrant… I think the people have spoken!

Thank you folks, ultimately it will come down to money - I think I’ll be going for the Logitech Saitek G pedals, no way I can spend more than that. The TCA quadrant can wait I think, one for the Christmas list!

Back off furlough working full time now, so let’s see how much pocket money I have after pay day and I’ll report back with a review of my purchase!

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