What steps will be taken to address marketplace sceneries that do not meet the quality standards?

The quality of some sceneries in MS Marketplace are questionable. We understand that the marketplace provides opportunities for new developers to showcase their products. But their products need to meet certain quality standards to be approved. We also understand that not all developers can meet the quality milestone set by the likes of FlyTampa, Aerosoft, Orbx etc. But they have to be good enough to be featured in marketplace. Some of the sceneries from new developers are FS2004 standard at best and they are money grabs. We don’t want the marketplace to become Simmarket 2.0. What steps will be taken to address this issue? Will those products be removed in the future?

Eurofighter Typhoon was released in the marketplace today and the quality of this product is just terrible. Microsoft please pay attention…


I saw this post/question of yours a week ago but didn’t understand its importance and so didn’t vote.

Today this Eurofighter Typhoon was released in the marketplace and I finally understood what you were trying to say.

Suffice it to say you have now earned my vote.


There are for sure some products coming to the marketplace that should have been freeware and thus allowing the developers to gain experience and hone their craftsmanship. I am being gracious here and giving the developers the doubt of overestimating their caspabilities, but one could consider some offers greedy as well.

What are the quality standards Microsoft should apply here? What if I want my home airport at all costs (pun intended) and I deem it better than default? Is an airplane with good modeling but stock avionics worthy? Who determines the standards?
No, I think the marketplace should live up to its name - let the customers decide. Maybe we should be able to make a short comment besides rating with stars.
I’m not immune to the occasional bad purchase, but I’d like to decide by my own standards.

I understand the sentiment very well, but sorry - no vote!

You are right the big problem is there is no refund policy like you might get on steam for games. So we have to rely on independent you tube video reviews. It is not a nice feeling paying good money for something and then finding out straight away almost it is very dissapointing.

Innsbruck, Cologne\Bonn, London City, Trondheim Airport, Værnes etc are superb airports well worth every penny you pay. But when you see airports which cost more which are not even 30% as good its disappointing and guess what they ARE IN THE MSFS MARKETPLACE.

We could rely to an extent on the MSFS reviews but no they seem to reset to nil following updates etc and so it is unreliable.

TBH I have stopped buying payware airports for now unless I have seen many reviews elsewhere first. I dont want to take the chance I havent got money to give away…


If you bought from the marketplace it is redirected to Steam account transaction. That is at least my experience with the Steam version. So in the end all transactions are done on Steam. If this is the case, can’t you just do a Steam refund like usual?

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Steam won’t issue you a refund because they say that you bought “MSFS Points” from them, and they gave you the points, which went into your MSFS balance. So no refund via Steam.

So then you try to contact Microsoft (the team that runs Xbox store) and they say they don’t have anything to do with Flight Simulator.

Then you try to contact Asobo, and they say “The Flight Simulator Team doesn’t address problems with the Marketplace”

Then you contact the add on vendor, and they refuse to give a refund, or say they can’t (because they have no way to remove the digital entitlement from your Marketplace account)

The TLDR is: Don’t spend any $$$ on the Marketplace that you can’t afford to lose. It’s setup as a 3 or 4 way finger pointing game with no one actually taking responsibility for customers being sold broken junk.


On one side, I can agree with you that there should be stricter rules for content creators, that want to sell in the MSFS marketplace.

On the other side, it is hard to set any requirements. Which level of quality is acceptable? How do we define the requirements?

It is a really subjective topic. Maybe, some people are satisfied with the bought content, while other’s aren’t. As long, as there is no fraud going on in the marketplace, it will be hard to evaluate which content is acceptable.

There is a simple way to deal with that. I check every item, before I buy it. Of course, there is a possibility, that it still sucks, but nowadays also the customer is responsible for what he buys. I also don’t order anything on Amazon, without checking reviews etc…

Given the weekly dev updates, it seems as if MS/Asobo is more interested in quantity than quality (“At this pace, there will be over 1,000 add-on by the end of March!”). Which is a shame, because it could hurt sales in the long run.


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