What the hell is this?


just did a flight from london to iceland and when i get my ils approach i input it correctly into the system and it decides to turn me around for ages ?? also on the vfr at the end its not even taking me onto the runway from the look of it

It’s a known bug with the way approaches are handled. I expressed my consern here:

Also, vote on this issue in the thread below to get attention on it, however in the last update notes I think it may be in the process of being addressed, possibly:

For what its worth, I did a zendesk ticket on this on day 2. I think that is what we need to get attaention on this, more than forum thread votes.

The problem runs a little deeper though – aside from this mystery waypoint being added, you also will find it impossoble to activate any other leg, fly “direct to” another waypoint, etc. You are pretty much stuck having to fly this path – or just fire ATC.

I am not sure how something like this even made it to release. So if this isn’t in patch 2, that will be very disheartening.