What this "game" needs

The famous “It’s not a game, it’s a sim” mentality needs to change.

Nothing should prevent Flight Simulator to be a simulator with fun objectives to do ingame.
The landing challenges are ok but there is so many things that can be added that can only benefit this “game” (After fixing all the current bugs of course :wink:)
In my opinion, the most important one is to be able to actually do what people do with these planes IRL…
1- Take people from Location A to Location B
2- Sport
3- Sight Seeing.

Every plane can be put in one of these 3 categories.

So basically the idea is to give the player the ability to set objectives depending on the plane he selected :

  • You fly a Citation ? Go pickup this VIP from Location A to Location B (this will be so much fun when we get the helicopters :wink: )
  • You fly a 747 ? X Air Company needs you to fly passengers from Airport A to Airport B (The dream would be to see the passengers board :grin:)
  • You fly a Cessna 152 ? A client wants to do sight seeing over X city and basically you pick him and go from POI to POI in that region
  • You fly an Extra 330LT ? It’s time to show your flying skills (One simple way to “gamify” this would be to create checkpoints ingame with a different icon that shows what needs to be done, for example, you need to be at certain speed and/or a certain angle when you cross each checkpoint)

And depending on how you do for each objectif you get a score and a leaderboard the way the game already does with the landing challenges.
(And by the way, leaderboards needs to be improved, we need to have daily, weekly and all time leaderboards)

This will only improve immersion and I’m sure that all simers will appreciate this aswell.

By the way, I love the game and I appreciate all the hard work the devs did. (I am a dev too, so I know :nerd_face:)