What time does the new update go live

What time does the new update go live

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I’m thinking the same…


Sometime tomorrow night

It’s already tomarrow where I live at :joy:

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In just over 7hrs it’s the 23rd for us in Australia.

Since everyone is anxious for the next update, here are the approximate times the previous versions were pushed out:

  • Version 1.11.07 - 15:30z
  • Version 1.11.06 - 19:00z
  • Version 1.10.11 - 23:30z
  • Version 1.10.07 - 17:05z
  • Version 1.09.05 - 16:15z
  • Version 1.09.06 - 16:35z

So average time is 18:00z!

*Disclaimer: This is just a guess, and possible I missed something looking at the previous release times. Not to mention this is one of the more major updates.


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