What visual/performance enhancements can we expect with DirectX 12 and ray-tracing?

Right now we already know that the engine will be upgraded to DirectX 12 with ray-tracing support along with the Xbox release, but I think it would be interesting if Asobo would delve more into what they’re planning for that.

DirectX 12 Ultimate brings support for Mesh Shaders, Variable Rate Shading and Sampler Feedback which could help improve performance and reduce VRAM usage.

With ray-tracing we can have improved reflections, shadows, ambient occlusion, global illumination and more. What visual enhancements could we expect in that regard?

DirectStorage and hardware implementations like RTX IO could improve loading times and reduce the CPU overhead when streaming data. Would make sense for a such a data-heavy simulator.

Also, along with DLSS, any plans to adopt the upcoming upscaling solution based on DirectML, which will also be supported on AMD GPUs?

DLSS would double VR framerates. The Reverb G2 could finally be used at 4K


I’m not gonna pretend to know exactly what benefits we’re gonna get, but I know DLSS will be hyuuuuge, and whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it.

I do hope we don’t have to wait until “Summer of '21”, whatever that means exactly, and I think there’s a pretty good chance we won’t have to, because I think those two things being tied together happened when the goal was a holiday '20 release for MSFS on XBox, but I’m in pure speculation land at this point. Unless, of course, the reason it got pushed was issues with the DX12 part lol…

But we’ll never know.

From what you mentioned above, the sim would turn into something real awesome with Directx 12 Ultimate…

Is DLSS 2.0 coming?

Is RTX I/O coming?

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@Chrisdesasta DX12 is a matter of when, not if.

DLSS hasn’t been promised, but it does tend to go hand-in-hand with DX12 and Ray Tracing, so we’ll see.

Not sure what RTX I/O even is.

I think at some point, Sebastian said something about DLSS and Ray Tracing being implemented with DX12.

RTX I/O can load and decompress data into the GPU directly from disk using PCI-e. But, this is available only for the new RTX 30xx series, and you need an SSD NVMe to use it!

In Australia, that starts in December.

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It would be good if we do. I’m using quest 2 and I’m getting a nice sim but could always be nicer. I’m hoping dx12 improves rather than crashes game frame rate (yes Star Wars battlefront 2 I’m looking at you)

@WardoMon52, here in Florida it starts around March, maybe April lol…

@chieflongshin, with what FB is doing regarding having and maintaining a FB membership just to keep your Quest 2 operational, I wouldn’t buy one with your money. Germany, from what I hear, has banned their sale, and I wish the US would do the same, despite my libertarian leanings.

WAY too monopolistic in my view. But that’s FB for ya…


Here in Minnesota it’s 9 minutes on an afternoon in late July.


Agreed. I just set a ■■■■■ account up I never use

According to Xbox Insider the Xbox Beta is set to launch next month. What do you think? Will the PC version with DirectX12 be tested in parallel?

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That sounds quite interesting. Can you post a link to that article?

There was a rumour back in September that a DirectX 12 build was available to a very small amount of testers, with a nice performance boost, but since I haven’t seen anything more about that it was probably a fake rumour.

With Asobo reinstating the beta testing programme, I don’t think it’s out of the question that DirectX 12 will be tested before release. Similar to VR, it’s a major engine upgrade and will probably come with a lot of issues at first.

@chieflongshin, having a fake account is good. For now.

Until they require a certain amount of information be posted. And then later, require that info to be verified, like e-mail a pic of your ID to ID-CHECK @ FB DOT COM. (Totally made up email address, if it exists in reality, it’s purely a coincidence. But someday it will.)

Then they may start to require so much activity per day/week/month/whatever, or they’ll “suspend” usage of your O2. And on, and on.

And that’s while constantly living with the possibility that one of their censor bots might think a pic you posted had nudity, and permabanned you. Even if it did have nudity, that should be OK. Or one of their human censors didn’t like some political thing you said (perhaps even in a private message to a real-life friend) and permabans you. Don’t forget, a permaban equals your O2 becomes a paperweight.

You could sell it, but that would only shift the problem to someone who doesn’t know any better. An even better choice would be to record yourself physically destroying the thing, while explaining why (and I’ve already given you a starting point for a script lol), and showing off what you bought (I recommend the HP Reverb G2) to replace it, and post that video on YouTube, yes, but everywhere such a thing can be hosted, and then wait for the interview requests from the media. But make sure to charge for those, or if someone wants an exclusive, even better, but that’s gonna cost an arm and two legs.

FB is trying (and succeeding) to monopolize the VR market, and they’re using their position of authority insofar as what they can demand of you on their social media platform just to not lose access to you O2 just about whatever they want.
Sadly, many/most/virtually all people will do so just so they can buy what should be a $600 HMD for $400. And 99% of those people have ZERO idea just what they’re being forced to give up (or may be in the future) just to get that highly subsidized VR headset.

So please send me the link to your video when you’re done lol…


If I foresaw this coming, I never would have bought my Rift… alas, it was after the FB purchase so I really should have known better. I won’t bother setting up a burner FB account - as you said, it’s in their terms that they can suspend accounts they think are “fake” (aka not full of personal info they can monetize). In my case, I’m never buying another title via the Oculus store, and I will walk away from my licenses rather than set up an account.

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Unfortunately not as I’m not a member of Xbox Insider but a friend is and told me about it. You’re right it’s a major update so it’s got to be test very thoroughly.

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I’m not a VR user but this is some interesting information and extremely useful to anyone looking to buy a headset. This weird account restriction is a shame, and reinforces my decision to not want to have anything to do with Facebook.

Why should DLSS be part of the move to DLX12?

DLSS Is a Nvidia proprietary technology. Xbox is built with AMD hardware. So I‘m not expecting anything there.

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