What VR Headset should we buy for FS2020?

Some great advice here guys

For my part, I bought a Quest 2 as an upgrade to the original Rift. It eliminates the screen door and is pretty clear. I am pleased with it. The only downside is that blacks are a little washed out.

I would rather have the G2 however, but my pension wouldn’t stretch far enough. And I would probably need to upgrade my whole system to get the best out of it.

But generally, well yeah, the Q2 is a nice bit of kit. Just wish it wasn’t white!


@BeardyBrun are you by any chance a fellow early pre-order UK person? I’m expecting my headset as well on Tuesday (fingers crossed), just have to hope that I’m able to get it working the first time as I have an Asus X570 chipset which seems to be a bit problematic. If not it will be an emergency order into Amazon for a USB hub or PCIE card for next day delivery.

I am, yeah. Realise that Tues is dependent on them arriving at the distributor as expected, so wouldn’t be too surprised or disappointed if it slips slightly.

Intel here so hopefully no hardware concerns.

Nice! It seems the Quest 2 is enough to see most of the info, maybe not the restrictions, but it looks ok for the rest, I think I am going to go with that one, it is only 299€ in Spain.

EDIT: After reading all your comments I have decided indeed to buy the Quest 2, Reverb G2 is probably better but it is twice the price and I do not feel confident MFS fps’ are solid enough to enjoy the upgrade in graphics.
I wish there was a place in Madrid to try them all, I have only tried the PSVR and the HTC Vibe and the screen door effect is terrible in both of them xD

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As you’re living in Europe you probably have access to some good return policy’s like we do in the Netherlands, you can always bring it back if you really don’t like it. I bought it at a store that allows you to return it within 30 days if you do not like the product, even if you’ve used it. As long as you put everything back in the box.


Sounds like a good choice, and you can always upgrade later to a G2 or whatever headset takes your fancy if / when we understand how MSFS will functions in VR.

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Yep, keeping everything crossed for a tracking number on Tuesday morning :slight_smile: . You should be pretty safe with an Intel chipset, I’ve only seen 1 or 2 intel related posts, 99% seem to be AMD and specifically Asus, so i’m expecting a few difficulties in getting up and running, but looking forward to finally getting it.

Same here. I have a Rift, and while Oculus was great, there’s no way I’m buying a Facebook product going forward.

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I really don’t understand the concern. (a lot of irony here btw)

I mean, FB will only be able to collect all of the information about where you are and exactly what you are looking at, with their proposed AR “Raybans”.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ve been an Oculus customer almost from the start, but have never had a FB account and will not be starting one, just to allow me to access a headset. An FB account is optional atm, but when it becomes mandatory, my Rift will be “in the bin”.

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Looks like you’ll have some time left. But still, business practices like this just makes me hate the company:

In an Oculus blog published today, it was announced that starting this October, all new Oculus users will be required to sign in with a Facebook account, so those who do not use Facebook will have no choice but to set an account up. Long-time users of Oculus VR can continue to use their devices indefinitely, but come January 2023 when Oculus account support ends, if players haven’t merged their Oculus and Facebook accounts, they will lose the full range of functionality with their products and will be unable to play a number of games. All future Oculus devices will require a Facebook account to be used.

Source: Come October, You’ll Need Facebook To Play Any Oculus VR Device (thegamer.com)

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Exactly. I’ve stopped buying games through the Oculus store, and by the time the FB deadline hits, I expect to have a replacement headset. Sucks that I’ll lose access to my licenses, but if that’s the way they’re going to operate, there’s no way they’re getting another penny out of me.

On the plus side, the market for VR headsets keeps growing, which is great for everyone.


Same for me, it’s the wider organization practices that turn me off, and whilst there’s comparable and even better headsets etc then that helps me vote with my wallet. :slight_smile:

what’s really annoying is the hardware actually seems decent. will be interesting to hear how the Q2 performs with MSFS against other headsets.

I have the reverb G1 and find the clarity amazing, the G2 has even better clarity (mura greatly reduced, colour reproduction superior) I have absolutely no problems reading instruments with the G1 and even if I did I would just lean forward to get a closer view. The only problem I had was finding the bucket and getting my head into it before I started shouting out for ‘Huey’ and ‘Ruth’ :face_with_thermometer: [edit] Sorry , forgot to mention that my experience with G1 VR and flight sims is with X Plane 11; can’t wait to try it out with MSFS2020!


I need some info. I have a Quest 2 set. How does it interface with MSFS?

Yes Id like to know this too,sales blurb says connects to a phone no PC required?

You can’t use it with MSFS yet as there is still no VR support in it. It will come in the next sim update 22nd of december.

You can tether the Quest 2 to your PC using a USB-C port or if you do not have one a good grade USB-A to USB-C port. On the PC you will have to install Oculus and then you can choose to enable Oculus Link from within the Quest 2 headset settings.

Once it is connected it will switch to PC mode, you’ll get a different home environment and now you can use your Quest 2 to download and play compatible PC games through it just as when you would have had an Oculus Rift S or something.


Yes that sums it up perfectly.

I use the Anker USB cable sold on Amazon for about £12, not the official cable at £70 odd. All works fine.

Oculus DK 1

Index wont be $1000. Selling mine soon as my G2 arrives. Wont want more than half that amount. I hate scalpers.

I tried both the G2 and Index recently, you will be happy with the upgrade, the G2 quality is so much better