What VR Headset should we buy for FS2020?

You can also use Virtual Desktop in case you wanna go wireless if the flight is less than 2h, it has the same quality as the link if you have a 5hz wi-fi connection for the quest 2 and the pc connected to the internet by cable.

I have been testing both and I am pretty happy with both of them!

Yes, I still want to try the wireless option through Virtual Desktop, already purchased it but then got swept away by Lone Echo which I had already on my CV1 but never played it through because it made me nauseous. Can’t wait for the VR support in MSFS, hopefully we’ll know a little bit more about it in a few hours.

I also used to get nauseated simply with smooth locomotion in games as well as using the roll axis in flight sims. But I’m really enjoying Lone Echo and flight sims by now. Just keep at it :relaxed:

Just recently I went into an unexpected accelerated stall in the WW2 combat sim, which made me a little sick-feeling, but as a whole I’ve been getting much much better as I push my comfort level little by little over time. And I expect experiences in MSFS to be quite tame as compared to scissoring with a foe in WW2 planes! Except for maybe inclement weather situations possibly.


I 100% agree with you, my experience since I bought the Quest 2 last month has been the same.
I doubt though we will get sick while playing FS2020, maybe if doing aerobatics, but with a 320 or cessna the movement is slow enough to not cause dizzyness for most people.

Apparently ginger cookies help, if someone feels nauseous lol

Really want a Reverb G2 but the waiting list is apparently mahoosive, and the Oculus is a big no no with the forced Facebook tie in…so not really sure what to do :neutral_face:

I guess it’s better to wait for G2 despite the waiting list, that’s what I’ll do

I also hate the facebook tie in, but I had not used facebook since I was like 12, so I did not care sharing the little info I had inside xD

yup, FB appear to be using Oculus to concentrate on the development of Augmented Reality glasses, potentially so that they can capture information on where you go and exactly what you like to look at, as well as what you might be doing online.

I think I’d rather keep all of that information to myself. :slight_smile:

Oh I see, either way I don’t do naughty things in VR and I only use it alone in my room so I don’t really mind.
Apparently the UE is suing them because of the tie-in policy, lets see what happens, my bet is they will be forced to end up allowing to use it without facebook.

I hope that happens too and my ideal would be, albeit not so likely, that FB get forced to break up their business and Oculus set free to get back into PC VR.

I’m not sure the waiting list is massive… I ordered directly from HP (Connection) on 12/15, even though it said “backordered” it shipped on 12/17 – will arrive tomorrow just in time for the update. YMMV.

Same here! I “pre-ordered” my Reverb G2 from HP (Connection) on 12/16 expecting to wait months for it to arrive. To my surprise the headset delivered on 12/18 just two days later! I tested it this weekend on Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator and was blown away! I upgraded from an original Vive and the increased clarity and no need for base stations is incredible. Tuesday can’t come soon enough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The pre-order launch of the G2 has been pretty badley handled by HP, but on the upside it does seem to mean that there are units readily available without too much of a wait. I received mine (day one pre order) a few weeks back and am loveing the headset, really looking forward to the update tomorrow to see what MSFS is like with it.

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Hopefully with these lawsuits piling on Facebook cuts the mandatory requirements for Oculus HMDs


I just got my G2 last Friday and in XPlane 11 I was blown away at the immersion just because I’ve never done VR in a flight sim. I cannot wait to see FS 2020 in VR.

I’ll be using my Rift-S for the time being. It isn’t the best headset now with regard to resolution but there’s nothing more comfortable for long sim sessions.

I won’t be considering anything else until we find out what kind of a beast of a machine we need for VR to run higher resolution headsets to the degree that you get your money’s worth out of them.

Quest 2 has the advantage that in the event that your PC isn’t up to it, or it turns out FS VR needs 6 months to a year of development improvements to be usable, then you can have fun with a load of tethered and untethered VR stuff.

G2 would be my choice if I can upgrade my PC without spending a fortune and after doing that FS VR manages decent frame rates with it at its native res.

You can’t lose with the Rift S


Great vid and yeah I suspected I’m going to need to think about CPU and GPU upgrades well before a headset change, I’ll keep the Rift-S for a while longer!
Update 2 hasn’t landed in the UK yet, has it arrived anywhere else?

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Im in the UK so cant say for sure, but as far as I’m aware the updates are released on a global basis, so we’ll all get it at the same time, normally around 5pm UK time.

I have a HTC Vive (First Gen). I`m not that happy anymore with it due to low FOV and terrible Screendoor effect.

Does the HP Reveerb G2 have much better FOV?
Or maybe a Pimax device?

I`m gonna upgrade my 1080ti with perhaps a 3080ti when it releases early next year.