What was being changed with AP in the delayed patch?

Does anyone know before I try to dig though mountains of dev updates and forum posts?

Seems to be a premature question. It’s being worked as we speak so your “was” should be an “is”. The latter may be described if the expectant reason for the delay and their efforts prove effective.

“Issues related to autopilot across various planes” sounds like whatever global (generic) features the autopilot uses became unstable due to something they changed that may have been unrelated to a specific autopilot issue.

How should we know? I believe the majority of inside development information isn’t shared with anyone around here.

From the post, I learned two things:

  1. AP is being worked on and we might recieve a major upgrade
  2. They refuse to release a broken major upgrade

I’m happy with both of these.


Probaly like every patch, they break the AP more, especially A320. Doesn’t matter what the fix is for. It can be a fix to make “cars” look better, but A320 AP gets busted.

Basically, it is similar as calling a plumber to fix your toilet bowl and when he is done you find out that the “fix” broke your freezer in the kitchen. Joking, but…

They do announce some of the bugs they’re trying to tackle so I thought it might have been called out.

I believe the issue is that if you remove the tooltips, the AP buttons forget what their function is.

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