What was the texture.cfg change in SU6? (pink cockpits)

Ok after one of the sim updates, I think it was SU5, the older liveries were getting pink cockpits at night and I was told I had to add a line in the texture.cfg to get rid of them which I did to all my liveries. I noticed in the SU6 update notes that this had been fixed so no need to do that anymore. I want to go back and change my older liveries back to what they were but I don’t have them anymore and some of them aren’t on flightsim.to anymore.

Why do I want to know this? I’m getting some hangs in the simulator. After planning a flight and pressing fly, the sim sometimes hangs on loading the flight and the ready to fly button doesn’t show up. I’m thinking its the liveries causing the problem

This is my texture.cfg file for SU5 and I still use it now. To be honest, I didn’t even know about the pink texture issue until there was news that they will be fixed in SU6 since I never experience it. Probably because I don’t like most livery structures, so I end up restructuring them myself with my own texture.cfg file that actually mitigated the issue. But after reading through the fixes into the texture.cfg I figured that I might as well follow them anyway. And I still use the following one now, and I don’t experience any issue.

If I remember correctly, my changes was to add the entire fallback 7 line. Before SU5, everything else is the same but only up to fallback 6.



I changed all of mine to this


Would this cause a flight not to load? Before that some of the older liveries at flightsim.to only have the first 5 lines.

I don’t think these affects your specific issues. As far as I remember, loading issues or sim just freezes on liveries is if the livery is set to have a “space bar” into the ATC_ID field. For those liveries that has hard-painted registration number directly into the livery texture. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with texture.cfg.

Texture.cfg is simply telling the game which directory it should read the textures.
Basically, all aircraft have a list of textures that it will try to grab and load. Each of these textures have a unique name, so they have to be exactly the same.

So any texture files that is contained inside your texture folder, will get loaded first. But we all know that liveries inside the texture is not “everything” that the aircraft needs to load. Since it only contains the textures that’s relevant to the airline livery and nothing else. In that case, every other texture files that the aircraft needs to load is missing from the livery texture folder. So to fill in the gaps, it uses these fallback method from the list in the texture.cfg

So, in summary, The texture files from the livery texture folder gets loaded first, and checked off. Then any missing textures files, will be taken from the Asobo_A320_NEO\TEXTURE folder. If there are still missing texture files, it falls back again to look for them in the Texture\DetailMap, and so on and so on.

So I’m not sure why you would need to change this back to Pre-SU5 even though the issue is fixed. I do see the appeal of keeping it this way (in case, the issue comes back again).

To me, it’s much more likely you can’t load your flight because of Registration number issue.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s only not loaded a couple of times. Was trying to logically deduct what it might be. It wasn’t a crash to desktop but the flight just wouldn’t load. And I couldn’t kill MSFS using the task manager or Alt+F4. I had to restart the computer. Maybe it was a server issue. Who knows. But if I run up to it again I’ll file a bug report.