What We Want

  • Customizable interiors. Couches, Snack Bar, TV’s, Lighting, Throw Pillows…
    • A ‘PASSENGER’ APP that allows people to join your interiors as a ‘social space’ for them.
  • A way to invite your Social Media (Twitter/FB/etc) / Livestream followers INTO your flight in a meaningful way.
    • Camera options, Chat options, TIP options, Captain/Passenger interaction options.
    • Control over interior media screens : Play Media on screens.
    • Send out a link to followers to join your interior.
    • Avatars for passengers

  • A much improved in game VFR Map!

  • Ability to SAVE Flight Plans in Garmin/MCDU…
  • SAVE FLIGHT in progress


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Absolutely agree with this. It would definitely expand the market and multiplayer immersion (as long as one of those is the copilot seat).


Just fix ATC, please


Add the following improvement to MSFS 2020:

Having done nothing to your computer configuration, nor added or changed anything to the community folder, nor started any 3rd party program that interfaces with MSFS, since the last time you opened and flew MSFS, the ability to start the program and fly your favorite / chosen airplane with your standard / normal / usual controllers, computer, and monitor, with the following experience happening:

  • No CTD’s occur
  • No error messages occur
  • No incorrect output occurs
  • No “wait states” or loops occur
  • MSFS comes up the same as the last time you flew
  • The controllers work the same as your last flight
  • The resolution and frame rate are the same as your last flight
  • The plane flies the same as the last time you flew it
  • The plane looks the same as last time
  • The scenery looks and behaves the same as the last time you flew there
  • Your controls all still work the same
  • All of your options / configurations / settings are still the same as last time
  • Your performance is the same as last time
  • You don’t have to deal with any new issues or problems that weren’t there the last time you flew
  • With the exception of a new update downloading, nothing goes wrong or delays or affects your enjoyment

In other words, time after time you can just bring MSFS up and fly without having to deal with any newly surfaced problems or delays or consumption of your time other than your planned enjoyment of simulated flight.

Exception: If you’ve changed anything in your community folder, or any 3rd party interfacing app has changed, and you experience a problem, you can disable the community folder and/or not start the 3rd party interfacing app, and MSFS runs fine.

Is this an unrealistic expectation? I’d be willing to pay more for MSFS 2024 if this is the way it works.

Everything you listed is how my MSFS installation works now. I have been using the sim since Tech Alpha 4. In three years since release I have never experienced a CTD. Not once.

All of my settings: controllers, graphics etc. never have changed or reset. The sim on load is always exactly as I left it the last time I flew.

I know that the things you listed do affect some users. I have no idea why that happens, or why it does not happen to me - but it does not.


How lucky for you! I don’t want to start a huge debate in this thread (there are other places for that), but I wonder what percentage of users are experiencing the excellent reliability, consistency, robustness, and quality that you are, which is all I’m really asking for in the product. In other words, more time flying and less time dealing with surprise issues.

p.s. I feel that a lot of the issues we see in this forum are the result of folks trying to push their hardware too hard (which you probably aren’t). That’s the reason I suggested a method of auto-tuning (perhaps with AI) your hardware to the software, like is available in other graphics oriented software (usually referred to as “optimizing”). I think if this were available a lot of the “crashes” and inconsistent operations would disappear.

More SEL (Single Engine Land) planes from the period 1920 to 1960.

Mine is stable. Your list includes “a plane that looks and flies the same each time”. I cannot even fathom what could make your planes appearance change against your will – maybe a faulty livery? With that long list of problems, you should be doing some serious debugging because those problems seem extreme to me. maybe a complete reinstall using default locations and settings at first with no addons and then add things slowly back in?

No more trees at start of runway. In some airport is almost impossible to do a good landing

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Like rgp1942, I’d like a more stable platform. Many instances I’ll have CTD after 25-30 minutes. All I did was change views, or used the ESC key. I have no OC and my memory tests out after nine hours under Memtest 86. with NO issues. I’ve seen CTDs in SAFE mode. :roll_eyes: There are issues that if it isn’t in the program, then means should be provided in which a user may be able to diagnose the problem; or at least be able to narrow it down to which hardware or module has failed. The event viewer only states “Application error” flightsimulator.exe has stopped. No s–t, Sherlock.

I went for over a year without any problems, then in the past six months, they’re creeping in. I haven’t changed anything other than a few addons in the Community folder. My temps are never over 55C and all other demanding games work fine. I select empty folder via Addon Linker still have problems. Very frustrating…I can sympathize with rgp1942. It’s great some people have no issues, perhaps there should be a short term survey, whereby MS/Asobo can have user elect to download a module that would detect the environment and conditions under which the program failed, and a field to indicate if the user had any idea the reason, (ie: No idea, perhaps high temps, static discharge on the joystick, etc) and collect the data along with the hardware in use. Maybe a trend might pop up. Even those people who don’t have issues could contribute to the database. This could easily be done through telemetry and only a comment or two for the user to detail the situation. This survey could be short lived 30-60 days, then the users could delete the telemetry module and MS/Asobo could study the data. When the program works, it’s great, barring a few shortcomings, but nothing show stopping. It just seems the program has a very narrow tolerance level… and that band needs to be clearly defined.

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I can sympathize with him too. But he said that his plane regularly changes appearance and performance. I’ve never heard that before. It sounds like a serious and unique problem which is why I suggested he reinstall and make it a default install for testing purposes. Crashes caused by bugs or bad design are one thing but we all have a duty to one another to try to solve our problems and then report out solutions if we can and if they are relevant. At least thats how I see it.
They already do telemetry and one of the previous dev Q and A sessions had a long, tedious, boring section (to me anyway) discussing all the various classes of crashes and causes.
look at the stability section:
March 2023 Developer Stream - Microsoft Flight Simulator / News & Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

actually, on second watch, now being able to see the categories and understand Martial a bit better, its fascinating…not that boring at all.

3d models of amusement parks instead of flat satellite images of the parks

I need to apologize for this posting which seems to have caused confusion and concern. I would delete the post, but then what happens to those posts that reference it? This quote from that post is the essence of what I was trying to communicate.

“In other words, time after time you can just bring MSFS up and fly without having to deal with any newly surfaced problems or delays or consumption of your time other than your planned enjoyment of simulated flight.”

I do/have not experienced most of the issues I listed. I ferreted out that list from reading the history of “surprise problems” posted on this forum. But I have to admit that each time I bring up MSFS I wonder “Is it going to come up OK, or will I have a problem?”. I wouldn’t say the MSFS is “fragile”, but I would say that it is not “robust” (capable of reliably dealing with all the different systems it runs on), as witnessed by the fact that so many people have so many different experiences / issues / problems. When I did a lot of programming in the 80’s there was a saying that “Pioneers are those people with arrows in the backs!”. To some extent, this is Asobo’s problem. They are definitely pushing the edges of the envelope. On the other hand I use other simulators (such as track car racing) that have similar 3D graphics, but don’t have surprise issues pop up when you’ve made no changes on your end. Also there are other flight simulators out there that don’t have major issues with reliability.

I’m sorry I opened up this can of worms, but the “What We Want” thing I was tossing our for Asobo to consider in MSFS 2024 is less need for the users to be “systems programmers” and be able to enjoy the superb realism and experience of enjoying MSFS 99% of the time, which would be an improvement over MSFS 2020 according to the threads and postings on this forum.


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Stability of the sim seems very dependent on each individual system it runs on, in conjunction with what third party addons are loaded, and perhaps also what external apps. connect with it.

I used to get CTD’s a lot, usually when on short final. I haven’t had an in flight CTD all year, it has never been more stable, and I think one reason is careful choice of addons, and not using LNM for flight tracking. I’ve a had a single crash while on the ground, and that was when I was messing around with SPAD, and setting up, and testing bindings to my hardware.

Over they years I have suspected that it’s possible to crash the sim via SimConnect. Maybe too many queries, or writes in a given time period. The crash coincided with me scanning sim vars, and I was sweeping down a long list by holding the down key down. When I did that the sim crashed for the first time in about 8 months.

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Appreciate that link. It was surprisingly interesting. Wonder when we’ll be able to see any field results? Strange, there’s still a significant percentage of “unknown” type crashes. As to be expected, the most reliable platform is the XBox X series. About equal among Store vs Steam installs. Good info… Thank you…

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I guess I have the wrong perception regarding stability/reliability in MSFS 2020. Based on your’s and other’s feedback here, it sounds like Asobo does not need to improve the compatibility/stability/reliability in 2024 on the variety of systems it runs on after all. My recent inability to bring up MSFS due to unexpected CTD’s (no changes to my system), resulting in a complete reinstall, with consequential resetting of most of my hard-earned settings/options, must have been “user error”. I will delete that posting, as this thread is about a wish-list for 2024, not about whether 2020 is reliable or not. Please accept my apology for a bad posting and getting off the track. :neutral_face:


Don’t worry. I’m sure I can break my system by installing the “right” combination of addons. :slight_smile:

What we need the most is a dynamic T-LOD so that everyone can avoid stuttering at departure and approaches.

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  • Better replay system
  • Better flight model
  • Built in Shared cockpit

World Map upgrades.

1.) Borders - I’d like the world map to include state/territory/country borders. It’s really hard to know where one state/territory/country ends and the next begins. It can be hard to tell where my own state border is, let alone borders anywhere else in the world.

2.) WU Filtering- I’d really like the ability to filter world updates on the world map. It’s very hard to tell sometimes where new WU/CU content meets old WU content when they’re directly adjacent to each other. I also get tired of seeing POI’s labelled as new (!) when I’ve already visited them. I wouldn’t mind being able to hide them entirely when I’m not specifically looking for any.

3.) Runway Types - I’d like to be able to filter runways both by type (Grass, dirt, water, asphalt, etc.) and length.