What We Want

Thing about multi core is they are mostly useful when a large chunk of the workload is highly or at least decently parrallizable, what do I mean by that?

Think of it like solving a very complex mathematical problem (which essentially all computer programs do).

  1. You can a have a problem where there are 1 million steps that needs to be solved to reach a result. But each of those 1 million step depends on the result of the previous step. So now, even if you try to use multiple core to solve this problem, you won’t gain any performance compared to if you run it on a single core. On the contrary, depending on the CPU architecture, you may infact see a negetive performance impact (due to cache locality issues mostly). Why don’t you see any performance improvement, because all your other cores will wait for the current step to finish on which ever core it’s running in and fetch the result of that step. This problem is not at all parralizable.

  2. You can have another problem which has again 1 million steps of equivalent complexity, but this time, the steps don’t depend on the result of the previous step. This time you can break those 1 million steps into say 8 equal parts and devide them to run on 8 cores. Now since the steps are not waiting for the previous step to complete, you get all the cores to solve your problem and you get a speed boost and need 1/8th of time compared to the problem 1. So this problem is extremly parralizable

These are two extremes and most real world problems fall between these two extremes. Depending on how the sim is written, it may be very difficult to make it highly parralizable. Plus, humans brains don’t really think in very efficient parallel way, so we tend to create solutions or designs which are also similar, not so parallel, it’s not by intention, but by the we have evolved.

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Legs. Let me get out and walk around my aircraft.


Great explanation. Perhaps we’ll start to see AI writing the code in the not too distant future to get the best CPU efficiency.

What I want ? At least better Bing (or other) maps.


I’d love to see a benchmarking tool that allows us to tweak the sims performance and see the output on screen. I see so many YouTube channels that use certain games for benchmarking. FS2020 is not one of them.

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I would like to see the horrible huge wind boxes changed to movable and size adjustable boxes with the option of hiding them! I would also like to see much faster loading times and a complete overhaul of Turkey which is a mess! The saved flight system needs an overhaul with retention of top screen menu adjustments added . Slew mode should include altitude readout and coirdinates readouts. ATC needs a lot of work and vectors for landing should be given when requested! Clouds need more work! Concentrate on sim not on gaming aspects!

Many, if not most YouTube channels that do benchmarking use games with a built in benchmark tool. The purpose of such a tool is to provide an identical load run to run to eliminate as many variables as possible. This sim has way too many variables to be included in standardized benchmarking. About the only way that could happen would be if all AI traffic was turned off, all live services turned off, and weather set to a clear day with zero clouds. That would also not provide a realistic benchmark, especially when it comes to CPU performance due to the absence of traffic loads on it.

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Would love to see the new DeHavilland airport and its aircraft in the game :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the benchmark if built in be exactly the same every run? You’d think so. It shouldn’t be player controlled or dynamic at all.

When i watch CPU benchmarking videos they usually leave out MSFS which is annoying as it is one of the most CPU intensive games around and because i use it a lot i want to know for it specifically.

+1 for a built in benchmark.

I addressed that in my comment, the result wouldn’t be realistic with how the sim works.

Yes, the sim is extremely CPU heavy, but it is not able to produce identical loads from run to run with how it is normally used. A true benchmark requires run to run accuracy, not “in the ballpark.”

You would need total control of the environment. A config file which specifies graphical settings, weather, location, and a flight path to follow, then dump a log file of statistics.

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also better flight physics all around… mfs has always been about the scenery… but the physics are mehh… ok…
i’d like to see them improved for 2024

List below:

  • Improved multimonitor support as a core feature, not experimental. The OS knows where the monitors are, why can’t the sim make them line up?
  • Fix taxiway designations, hold short markings, etc. There are PDFs of every airport, I’m sure there’s software that could apply that data to the database.
  • Fix performance, including better multi-core support.

I’m not as worried about ATC as some people - if you really want ATC, go to vatsim.

I downloaded the tool that lets you select the latest Bing Maps as the source, instead of the current Bing Maps. Some things that I was quite happy about was, the land in South Africa had many more colors. There was a lot more brown and red, which is correct. However, Orange Farm is completely missing from the map. If you look at the aerial for Orange Farm in the sim using the current source, you see Orange Farm. If you do the aerial in the latest Bing map as the source, there is a pin for Orange Farm, but it is all open land.

And I understand why this would be. Orange Farm is South Africa’s largest informal community. Meaning, this was empty government land that in 1984, people from Soweto, due to the overcrowding in Soweto, started building houses on. The National government of South Africa doesn’t want to claim them, the providence of Gauteng doesn’t want to claim them (claiming them as legitimate would mean the government would then be responsible for putting in roads, water lines, etc). But this is a community that last census had over 200,000 people. The city I live in the whole greater area including suburbs is 200,000. So while they gave the rights to use the data for Bing for 2020, I imagine this latest data Microsoft is probably having a hard time getting South Africa to sign off on (unless people pay for it). And it is not just Orange Farm. I don’t see Pinetown, Palm Springs, etc.

My request would be this. If you can’t rights to the new data, can we just use the old data and run it through the new Blackshark.ai algorithm? I do like the new textures around Johannesburg, but flying VFR with whole communities wiped off the map just isn’t a feasible solution.

What I want.

  • Good looking Bing maps without low resolution tiles and without generic IA created fields where clouds were (take other maps to recreate the real terrain)
  • Persistance, wear, tear and normal failure and maintenance for all aircraft
  • Logbook that can be edited (ability to delete flights, write a note, see flights hours per aircraft)
  • Ability to save favorite aircraft with favorite liveries (not having to scroll or type)
  • Ability to save locations for aircraft (airports or coordinates for bushflights) or ability to launch a fly/flightplan from these in the logbook
  • Pylones, towers, and all VFR niceties.
  • Real looking churches (not cathedrals in small villages)
  • Real looking houses (using streetview data ?)

I don’t care about “career” but I could be interested if it’s complete and really well implemented.
Having lessons (for which I can choose the plane) and after missions or jobs with incomes, maintenances costs, etc.

And thinking to Xbox pilots, an option to select the type of flight (airliners or vfr) which set them in optimized settings for their type of flight.


Can we have a better starfield in the sky? In VR it’s very obvious the current version is a low resolution texture. Make the stars look great in VR!

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Besides the best flight and ground physics models and parameters, we need Quad View Foveated Rendering for VR. An absolute must as VR technology and use grows massively over the next few years and the graphical demands that a sim like MSFS puts on GPU/VR technology.

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oh this is good
i’m sure with AI you can get a glimpse of the typical house of a neighborhood and generate models that are at least in the ballbark similar
you could also get average color of the block

good stuff

Here is my list

  • Better Triple screen support
  • Walking ability to do walk around before my IFR
  • Better use of hardware
  • Lights illuminate clouds. (We had this, not sure what happened)
  • Better traffic representation on the ground.
  • Ability to use Xbox for multiple device configs.
    Lets say Master PC for view and Slave Xbox instruments etc.
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