What will improve the DIRECT 12?

Hi, perhaps is s stupid question, but what will imprive the use of direct 12?

Better views?


I’m more familiar with Vulkan, haven’t worked with DirectX 12 myself. But I believe like Vulkan the big win is it allows developers to schedule draw calls from multiple threads so that the CPU work of passing draw commands to the graphics card can run much faster (across more than one thread). But the game engine needs to be modified to take advantage of this, it’s not a free win.

Other than that, just generally a newer and more efficient library so you’d see some performance improvements there of course, and access to newer APIs such as ray tracing.

Yep exactly the same with DirectX 12, it’s a lower level API than DirectX 11 therefore allowing more efficient calls but is a little more challenging to code.

When Laminar Research implemented Vulkcan they had all sorts of issues with texture memory utilisation for example which was to some degree managed in OpenGL by the library so the sim would crash often until they wrote routines to manually manage the texture memory allocation which they never needed before.

From the analysis I’ve seen Vulkan offers every so slightly higher average frames over DirectX 12 but DirectX 12 offers higher minimum 1% frame scores so would achieve smoother performance which might be better for sims but it’s much of a muchness. Both platforms now offer ray tracing capabilities.

For me utilisation of ray tracing is the big advantage although if they coded DirectX 12 efficently we should get performance improvements too.

The likely improvements I would expect should be:

  1. More fps and smoother flights - less stuttering.
  2. Ray traced reflections (would probably be limited to cockpit / water scenes) - removes the grainy reflections currently seen in DirectX 11.
  3. Ray traced shadows (would probably be limited to players plane/cockpit) - shadows would be vastly smoother and have no flickering.
  4. More accurate plane and cockpit lighting reflecting external conditions.

Ultimately these improvements make for a better performance and visual experience in VR so if you have a VR headset you definately want these changes in the sim.

It will improve your inability to launch msfs2020 on windows7

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People are mostly referring to the stock DirectX 12 from 2015 while MSFS will get the updated and tweaked version of it called DirectX 12 ULTIMATE, a version made especially for the new Xbox.
It will definitely bring better performance but will mainly enable more eye candy on supported GPU hardware.
The frametime will improve drastically and the load of the sim wil be more spreaded on the available cpu cores.

That would be great!
Nvidea 2080 ti will work?

Yes. But to clarify because of the post by LikableKoala733, NO if you ignore the advertised PC requirements for MSFS and want to use an outdated OS like Windows 7 or 3.1 or a Commodore 64. :wink:

According to Asobo, DirectX12 will not improve performance in MFS. This is not the reason why Asobo is switching to DX12.


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