What works 100% correctly in this sim

I thought it would be interesting to find out what actually functions correctly in the sim. As to date I’m struggling. I’m not trying to down the sim as I do enjoy a short VFR flight where the chances of a bug are reduced.

I’ve done long VFR flights and using GPS etc just fine. IDK if any software is “100% correct” though. I’m looking forward to more features maturing and more 3rd party goodies.

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Pretty much any flight I have done using GA aircraft, within the limitations of each aircraft’s individual realisation.

“You just gained a level in Diplomacy!”


The 152 in a circuit at an uncontrolled field with preset (not live) weather with no traffic and when you don’t need any Garmin or ATC or fancy avionics. That’s about it I think!


The fact I can play it for 12h to 18h without it crashing once 99.9% of the time, and that 0.1% of the time its probably OnAir causing a problem.


The disable crashes dev tool didn’t work. I crash to desktop a lot.


I’ve had fun on the simple planes that don’t have to deal with gps. GPS can give you the directions if you fly manually guided by your instruments. Otherwise, I’ve just been frustrated with Bush trip instructions, autopilot vertical control, lack of polish in general.

Edit: they couldn’t even get their post release money maker (marketplace) working smoothly…


Hang on! There is a dev. tool that disables crashes!? :thinking:

“Quit” works perfectly for me :wink:
Seriously, I also do a lot of GA / VFR flights and usually it works well. Just avoid to “active pause” as this usually triggers oddies.


Disable crashing of aircraft. :wink:

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yeah they really need to fix active pause. The aircraft should not accelerate or slow in the air during active pause, but if you don’t do it just right that’s what you get… and i only use it in the very most simple manner. In the air, not near anything, single player.


Right, that makes sense. :joy:


I file and fly IFR flights all the time in GA’s (I don’t fly heavies so I can’t comment) all the time without any major issues at all. Most of my issues are things like transition points on SID STAR missing etc… which in the large scope of things on week 2 are minor, and will be fixed by a Navigraph sync soon anyways.


It’s more Full AP doesn’t work with IFR flights. I’m learning all this from scratch and it’s pretty frustrating to run into issues where you don’t know if you’re doing something wrong or the devs just cut corners/released known bugs. I would settle for them telling us what to avoid but they don’t even tell us what to avoid specifically.

Funny enough the quit to desktop doesn’t even always work for me and I’ve had to ctrl-alt-delete my way out a handful of times

I’ve flown an XCub from England to the Azores, in 13 legs, taking about 24 hours, and had no serous issues.

The Autopilot in the XCub works fine, as long as you set it up properly. Live weather worked over the whole route too.


If one limits their flying to VFR in general aviation aircraft, does not use ATC or is OK with ATC issues, and flies nowhere near a major metropolitan city then one will have a very positive experience.


Weird, I fly over major cities and works fine. Just have to configure your flight sim to fit your hardware. I don’t even have a fancy PC or GPU.

And not using live weather where it doesn’t work.

I wished that with crashes disabled you would pass through buildings, like FSX.
I’m flying with my 4yo son and I’m trying to teach him. would make it easier for him

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Too cool getting the wee ones involved!

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