What would be your next upgrade?

My current setup is:

Ryzen 7 3700x
RTX 3070
32GB 3200
AsRock x570 Pro4
750w PSU
34” ultra wide 1440 144hz

I’m solely running MSFS2020 on ultra settings.

I am running an rtx2060super on a 34 3440x1440 100hz although it can’t do ultra on every setting like your 3070 in my case I would upgrade my CPU first to the 5600x.Currently my i5 8400 can’t keep up flying the jets.Even a 9700k would be a decent upgrade as those are going cheaper.
Your specs are rock solid atm.

:+1:. I know my GPU is being taxed on Ultra but I get no stutters. I would probably be better off just running High settings. Only 1 or 2 cores are spiking 95-100% every so often. Just trying to stay with the times without going broke at the same time :joy:

I’d like to upgrade to a new AMD GPU, maybe the 6900xt…but getting one is currently more difficult than winning the lottery.

I’m going to start upgrading next week but I’m still torn between the AMD and Intel. Seems that AMD runs cooler with minimal performance difference from what I’ve read. If I go with Intel, it will be the 10900k- I need to decide so I can order the Mobo and chip along with a new PSU.

For the GPU, I’ll probably just go with whatever I can get my hands on in Mid-April. If not the top end, I’ll settle for a temporary mid-range one until stocks improve. Now I’m in a 1080ti. So, at least I’ll have a faster CPU after the first phase…

I was very concerned when I upgraded to 1440p ultrawide. Quite surprise the 2060super handles it well decently with some stuff dropped to high. At least for now but if they add rtx that would make the card more absolute.
As for the CPU upgrade not sure what improvements to expect as flying GA I am gpu bound but I am quite sure the 5600x will blow my 8400 away.

I fly GA from time to time, but as of late I have been in the A32nx and the 747 a LOT. I use Vatsim and vPilot every flight too!! New to the flight sim world as of a couple months ago, but have become quite proficient in a short time! I can’t get enough.

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What fps do you get with the A32NX? Mine stays around 20-30 when I am on the ground.I find setting the refresh rate down to low does not improve frames much but it only does with the 787 and 747.

I’ve been getting 28-35 on the flightdeck, and just a few FPS higher outside. This is on ultra with the detail sliders pulled back to 100. I tested the FPS on high and didn’t see much of a difference with FPS.

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Kinda guilty here I have my LOD sliders pushed to 200 which is perfectly fine for GA but lots of stutters with the big stuff.AI traffic.Also causes stutters.

I’m live players and live weather as well. I’m just trying to be as realistic as possible without actually being in a real aircraft!

I’m contemplating putting the 5800x in. If anyone runs the 5800x let me know what you think

Hi, I have been using a 5800X for 3 months. It works well in MSFS2020 and almost every games.
I’m still waiting the big battle between AMD ZEN4 and Intel 12th gen CPUs. Because a high end CPU with powerful sinlg-core performance is key to flight sims.

It’s a great processor, but I feel that for this sim (and games in general) the 5600X is enough. I went with the 5800X because it was in stock, and I couldn’t find a 5600X.
Either way; both will do great in this sim.
Be sure to couple it with fast ram (3600MHz suggested, if budget permits).

I’d upgrade nothing. Your system is nicely balanced for FS2020 @ 1440 @ Ultra.

2-3 months ago, I upgraded to a 5800x, after around 40 years of nothing but intel, and although it was a bit of a wrench, I don’t regret the move one bit.

Well I bit the bullet and I pulled the 3700x, flashed the BIOS, and installed a new 5600x. Running 1440 on mostly ultra it runs smooooooth! My sliders are still pulled back to 100, but I’m gonna test it out tomorrow to see how it runs from the 200 and below on the sliders!

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Balanced was 3700x /RTX 2080 Super on 34inch ultrawide. That was my previous rig and never once i was in here complaining about stutters due to imbalance.

There is an article floating around in one of these threads that lays out the specs for the resolutions and graphics levels. My spec fell right into it perfectly for the game settings and resolutions i was running.

The moment i upgraded the GPU to 6800xt i could tell the cpu wasn’t up to task. I purchased a 5900x and all was good again.

With the 3070 i would recommend a 5600x . That would bring it into balance with the appropriate cpu to get the most out of the GPU.

There you go !!! I just read your post … Congrats !!!

Pretty much all FS2020 benchmarks I have seen comparing the 2080 to the 3070 peg them as fairly similar performance at 1440 eg. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/rtx-3070-benchmarks-2080-ti-performnce-in-msfs-1440p/308550 and https://youtu.be/ixdTSv29SVA?t=41

As such, if your 3700x /RTX 2080 Super on 34inch ultrawide was balanced, then so is the same arrangement with a 3070 instead.

In any case, moot point as the OP has upgraded CPU anyway.