What would be your next upgrade?

17-10900k (or the new one if it is available during the 1st week of April at the latest), 32gb 3600mhz RAM, 2tb SSD, 850w PSU, Corsair water cooling fan, z490 MOBO, keep my 1080ti until things get sane in the GPU-world, but I’ll gladly step up to an intermediate card if they become available for the right price. New pedals too- desperately needed. The set I have now is on its last legs…

I’m hoping the basic system upgrade will speed things up a bit despite the 1080ti. I do fairly well with what I have with settings on the high side, in 4k, (probably too-high for my rig) except around Atlanta, LA and London. So, I’m guessing a little more juice will be enough to tide me over.

Meanwhile, I hope by the time I get my build finished, Asobo fixed the performance glitches.

I’m not convinced that RYZEN is the way to go. I’m kind of putting my bets that the 11900k will be a hair faster and a bit cheaper, and the big selling point for me was the OC capabilities. Even if I only get the 10900k now, I can replace it in a few months if the 11900k is worth it. I may also just wait until the 11900k comes out and go for it straight away. But, I’m open for a good discussion about the pros/cons of both since I’m a couple weeks out from biting the bullet.

Here are a couple quick shots of everything maxed out. Live weather, Live players, full terrain detail, etc. Low in the a320 over Boston I saw very small micro stutters, but absolutely playable.

That benchmark doesn’t state what cpu is being used and only represents the performance of the card. Its not only about GPU performance. CPU performance (especially ipc and frequency) and good memory is just as equally as important in extracting the maximum performance from this sim. Going too far in one direction or the other will most likely result in stutters. Which some people were complaining about when the sim was released with their imbalanced systems.

User needed a 5600xt to ensure he is getting the maximum out of the card and isn’t leaving frames on the table (especially in complex scenery situations where the sim leans on the cpu the most … at times leaving the gpu waiting to be given frame instructions).
And from his response it was the correct decision.

Just be aware that there is a current bug that randomly shows up and drops the GPU usage. Check out the CTD and performance section of the Bugs and Issues just so you know when it happens. Once Asobo cleans that bug up you should be set if everything is properly configured.

Happy flying.

There have been early reviews of the 11700K, and it’s not looking that good (around 1.5% faster in gaming workloads than the 10700K on average). The 11900K will most likely be a bit higher binned version of the 11700K (since the 11900K will be a 8C/16T part instead of a 10C/20T part like the 10900K).

Anandtech has that review up:

Save bet is the 5600X or 5800X. They’re great CPU’s. Motherboards are cheaper as well, and everything overclocks without having to go for a fancy K version of the CPU and a fancy motherboard.

A lot will depend on pricing though, and of course, wait for more independent benchmarks once it’s officially released.

I’m using the 5600x that I put in the other day. I got great benchmarks on UserBenchmark, but once again it showed my RAM as underperforming. XMP is enabled in my BIOS as well.

As far as computer hardware, I’m fine for now with i7-8700 and 2060. When Asobo comes out with 3 monitor support, that’s the next time I’ll investigate. I’d hate to upgrade only only to discover I’d have to do it again.

As far as flight hardware, still waiting on the Honeycomb quadrant ordered back in November. Looking at getting a radio stack for trying out Pilotedge. I have the Honeycomb flight controller but looking at the GA throttle pull/push version also for more realism.

To be honest im not a fan of user benchmark. Use Ryzen Master or HWinfo64 if you want to show info on your hardware

But in any case 32 gigs DDR4 at 3200 cas 14 or most ideally 32 GB DDR4 3600 cas 16 should be fine. You may want to ensure you have XMP or in AMD’s case DOCP enabled in the Bios for best performance.
Also while your in the bios please ensure that PBO (Precision Boost Overdrive) is turned on and you probably can enable the +200mhz OC boost as well.

Is anyone else having issues with a 2080 Super? The sim was running great for me until the last couple of updates, I dumped everything down to medium but the sim still turns into a stuttery mess near any larger airport. I have updated everything, uninstalled drivers using DDU, went back to older drivers with no change. So it has to be the sim, right? I even did a load of A/B testing/benchmarking and scores on 3dmark and Realbench didn’t have any huge changes.

My build:
Ryzen 9 3900x
MSI MPG x570
32gb Corsair LPX 3200
MSI RTX 2080 Super
oldish Crucial SSDs (no m.2…yet)
2 144hz gsync 1440p displays

I was able to run this on (mostly high or ultra settings before. Did the updates break it that much? Should I try and just re-install everything? I did try to empty out my community folder just in case, but it had no effect.

My next step is doing a full burn-it-down-to-the-ground windows reinstall, but have software on here that I need for work.

Don’t do anything till Asobo issues a hot fix. There’s a major performance bug going on right now so if your just noticing a performance decrease (I would say just after the London update) then it’s not your card.

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Ok cool, so it’s not just me then. I didn’t see any hits in search about a performance bug, or just wasn’t looking in the right spots.


Yeah… Asobo has been stepping in it with these last two updates.

What controls are you using? I’d look at that possibly before a PC upgrade.

Mine was running great until today. Became kind of a mess. I was dropping down to like 10FPS, then back up to 32-35, then back again. All over the place today…

I am running an older driver though. 460.89.

I did 4 DDU uninstalls and reinstalls of drivers going back to October 2020. Benchmarking didn’t show any real changes between them. I ran each benchmark 3 times, with 5 min between for cooling, any variance in the scores was negligible and likely due to other variables.