What would have caused MSFS to be removed?

This evening i wanted to complete a Flight i was making From Dublin to Liverpool and when i started the Sim found that MFS 2020 had completely Uninstalled.
I Restored the PC, recovered MFS2020 and then found my Anti Virus / VPN and Brave Browser were not working. These had to be Reinstalled.
MFS2020 needed a great deal of work to remove Liveries that were no longer working. I keep Backups in a Livery Folder so it was not a problem to get them running again. Could i have caused this Problem in some way or could it be a Hack?
Any thought’s Guy’s ,… Happy New Year !

Do you have a steam version?
If so see this:

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Thank’s and especially for giving me this knowledge and a Happier New Year.
I will not go near Verify Files in future.

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