What would YOU like to watch? - Looking for advice!


My name is Max, I’m 20 years old and I’m in the final year of getting a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. I have a glider pilots license in the real world (failed my drivers license tho) and LOVE doing things I’m passionate about with like-minded people.

Ever since getting into flight simming I’ve always wanted to give videos/livestreaming a shot. The idea of engaging with people that have similar interests is extremely exciting to me and has motivated to give this a try.

So far I have a tiny following and am still figuring out what kind of content I’d like to make, but right now I’m making videos more for myself (something I really enjoy doing!). Mostly experimentation so far, nothing too serious.

I recently realised it would be so useful to hear from you what YOU would like to watch on YouTube. What would you find interesting? Which topics really float your boat? Are you interested in systems, reviews of aircraft or just general talks?

My interest in flight simulators essentially got me my into my dream degree at a well respected university and will likely be something I come back to throughout my life. I’ve done a couple of teaching jobs during my time at university, and have a passion for communication. It would be a dream come true to somehow combine teaching, flight simulators and engineering all together.

If you’re still here, thanks so much for sticking around! I’d love to hear from you what your ideas are about this, and any advice is welcome!

Thank you!

Ok, I’ll get in a plane with you, but I do the taxying!

Most folks like reviews, and for aircraft addons, systems depth and functionality are key considerations, as you know.
There are lots of self help aircraft flight and instructional vids out there already, but if you are into gliding, maybe specialize your instructional efforts to sailplanes. (I don’t know what is available for MSFS yet though)

I’d say do whatever you’re interested in. If you’re not sold on your content, no one else will be either. That’s why my channel is focused on getting newcomers into the game and nothing else. And also try to stick to one niche. For example, someone who’s been flying or simming for years isn’t going to learn much from me, my target audience is beginners looking for the bare minimum they need to know to play and enjoy the game.

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