Whatever happened to the optimisation update

A few months ago ASOBO announced there would be an optimisation update giving 10-15 more fps. This never materialised. Any ideas what happened?

I was excited because even another 5 to 10 on my rig would feel so much more fluid.

I think they did say it had been included in one of the earlier updates. There is no more talk of it at the moment - in fact, Seb remarked in one of the Q&A sessions that they were making continuous improvements to performance, but that this would be used to enhance the sim rather than improve fps.

It was very much over-hyped at the time. They clarified at one point that any improvement would only have helped some of those users limited by the CPU, so it all turned out to be a damp squib.

It has been a while since I heard the comments from Sebastian, but as I remember the optimizations, they were talking about were to do with moving some tasks off the main thread, or otherwise better optimising tasks in general. This will have produced performance gains, but only for those users who were bottlenecked by their CPU.

The developers are continuously making tweaks to improve performance, but I suspect the major improvements will come through things like adding DX12 which is due to be released around the time of the Xbox launch.

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