What's going on with SU11 performance?

Everything was awesome in SU10. Did a flight today in SU11 from KMSP to KLGA and the framerate was fairly poor but more so the stutters are back - constant stutters. Add to that I took off and landed and shut down and in my log book it logged ZERO time for the flight and shows the departure and arrival airports both as KMSP. So, I put in like 2.5 hours for it to not even be recorded. Then I was also getting lag while trying to click on the menus and during the flight I also got disconnected and reconnected several times. Really frustrating!


I got some horrible stutters at KDFW earlier. Once I got above the clouds and out of the weather, things normalized. If you’ve been anywhere near MSP in the last few hours(that’s coincidentally where I flew to from DFW), you know the weather is nasty. I’m thinking that has something to do with it. It was just as bad in Dallas when I left. Currently over eastern Australia otw to Cairns and performance is great…with clear skies.

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SU11 is more CPU demanding than SU10 at the same settings. Thats why youre seeing worse performance at certain areas

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I wish we had a choice to wind back to SU10 but you cant its a Trap and they keep us trapped in it. so annoying.

I had same problem at DFW tried to take off and stuttered all the way along runway could not take off so many stutters and crashed!

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Strangely enough I had no performance problems in the Beta

Doing well now on idle Tuesday morning (pmdg 800)

Not touching 310 though, not untill update is here…

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FWIW I’ve had some improvement by toggling off/on all the ‘Data’ settings and enabling Triple Buffering + 30FPS lock in Nvidia Settings. Although not sure if it’s coincidental with just better network responsiveness from the MS side. Worth a try nonetheless…still not as good as what SU10 was.

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