What's going on with this TURBULANCE?


Does anybody experiencing the same issue as I ? Every time, no matter where I take off, mountains or flat terrain, right after liftoff the plane starts to fight with itself, and pretty aggressively ! Without my input it just rolled into over 30 degrees of bank and decided to stay there and once i put the input to roll back now it over corrected to the other side ?!

What’s going on with it ?

I mean it’s nice to have some simulated turbulence, but the only time i really got something intense like that was on an E175 following 767 on approach into Chicago ! Microsoft / Asobo need to fix that issue, it makes the flight aggressive and unrealistic.

Head into the general settings and change the flight model from Legacy to Modern.

Should fix the excessive rolling you are talking about. :slight_smile:

also make sure your controller is set to ‘axis’ … I had my controller set to ‘roll left’ for aileron and it rolled and just stayed there, giving me the same effect you describe…sounds like your controller is not set correctly

Man ! thank you so much !
Didn’t knew this is going to make so much difference to the turbulence effect. P-Factor, and the rest of the gyroscopic phenomenon are good to have, it’s just that under the other realism settings the plane doesn’t acting crazy like that in real life.

I hope they will improve the handling.

Thank again Max.