What's on your Christmas list?

I think upgrading the PC is on the horizon, so I’ve topped up my Christmas list.

Nvidia 4090
AMD Ryzen 9 7950x
DDR5 RAM 5200mhz, 5600mhz or 6000mhz
CPU Liquid Cooler
ASUS Prime X670p Motherboard

When the family discover the prices I think I may not see the components on Christmas Day😂


Santa can relax this year and bring me a 7000 x3d , x670e Asus tuf, and some new ram when the CPU is out until then I’ll bide my time and read all the feedback and reviews :+1:

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Add 2 to your list. One for me. :slight_smile:


You’d be better off going with the 5800X3D which out performs the 7950x in MSFS (and is cheaper), or waiting for the 79X3D.

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What do you have now?

For me The same type but Different colored rocker switch packs for an over head build so I could color code each system, lots of toggle switches so I can build a switch panel to use on my other simulators along with pvc pipes and plywood for mounting it :slight_smile:

Having recently upgraded to an RTX3080 and 5800X3D, I have TrackIR and a 2TB m2 drive on my Xmas list. I would be more than happy to see just one of these in my stocking,

I’m going to need a new controller soon, I think as there seems to be a bit of mechanical noise on the rudder axis of my Airbus flight stick, unless anyone can tell me how to fix this.

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One for me as well and considering the current stock availability, perhaps the topic should be changed to…next year Christmas wish list ! :sweat_smile:

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RTX 3060, Ryzen 3700x, 32gb (3200mhz), 500gb Samsung 980 Pro M2.

I can’t seem to pull the FPS. GA Aircraft I get good fps (high 30’s) in dense areas, but I like flying Airliners. High 30’s FPS at high altitude, but drops to high/mid 20’s on approach for example. Admittadly I do use FSTL and my full HD monitor is years old @ 60htz.

And then there will be something bigger, better & faster🤦, but that’s technology I guess.

So how do you rate this? The new Ryzen 9 7950x has high end specs and seems to be the daddy of processors.

Google the MSFS comparisons between the two (which has been tested). The 5800X3D came out on top. You can also do a search on these forums for 7950x and you’ll see threads containing the results as well.

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Aurdino boards and many toggle switches, potentiometers, rotary encoders, lcd displays, leds, etc… MSFS takes me to a different sky…

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Very strange because I have all my settings at High and I get between 35 to 70 fps . I have an RTX 2060 Intel i7 3Ghz 32gb RAM and MSFs runs like a dream, ofcouirse my monitor is not a huge one but 27" . I am not going to spend huge money just to get high fps.

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WASM for Xbox!


I want the F-22 Raptor from Top Mach Studios on the Xbox. However, that wont happen until WASM arrives with Sim update 12 sometime next year.


Nothing. I’m actually very satisfied with my MSFS experience in VR with a G2, 10th gen i9 and a 3080.

A Turtle Beach VelocityOne :sunglasses:

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Decisions, decisions! :smiley:


And of course this nice Samsung 870 QVO SSD with up to 8TB

I want a green ping-pong ball.