What's so bad about MSFS being on the Xbox?

Not sure if there’s a thread similar to this, I searched but couldn’t find anything. Apologies if there is.

I’ve not been on this forum for particularly long. But what I have noticed in my short time here is a number of posters making snide, pompous comments about Xbox users. As if we are somehow beneath PC players of this game.

I’m trying to work out if it’s because some PC users are afraid, or threatened, as if somehow MSFS will be taken away from them, or whether it’s just simply that a minority are making sweeping generalisations about people who play it on consoles, like we don’t deserve to experience the sim.

The majority of people on here seem to be happy or genuinely want as many people to experience MSFS as possible, irrespective of platform. But, as with most things, there’s always a minority that try and spoil things. Some threads, you can smell a very faint whiff of disdain and ignorance.

As I say, I’m not sure if it’s something borne out of fear, or it’s just elitist arrogance. It’s unfortunate, but never mind. Can’t please everyone, I guess.


Best to ignore such people. The vast majority of forum users (which is a tiny fraction of the total player base) have zero issues with Xbox.

If you spend enough time on the forums, you’ll see that it’s ~25 odd people who are the most negative about stuff. Note that this isn’t the people who report bugs and all, that varies. This group of people generally likes to gripe about everything. And hey, that’s part of the charm of a forum, every forum has this group.

Just ignore the most negative voices and enjoy the rest.


Agree with your views but I believe the issue is not Xbox or PC it’s the cross linking of the MS Store and Xbox app that generates many comments - since the Xbox App requirement for PC users there have been many "problems " for PC users and this results in the negativity.
If MS sorted the MS/Xbox store issues the comments would reduce very quickly.
Xbox or PC it really doesn’t matter as long as the end user experience is good. :ok_hand:


Yes I know, it’s just annoying. I read one flippant comment earlier saying that it was a ‘wise decision’ to keep the more advanced aircraft away from the ‘console crowd’

I mean, really??


there is nothing wrong with MSFS being on XBox.

Some people just blame the XBox for some changes to the sim introduced with Sim-Update 5 that was released with the start on XBox.

Visuals were decresed, user interface was changed, and several other things including a few very annoying bugs.

So those people blame the XBox release for this, while it was simply an attempt to improve performance or improve the user experience.

The controls can mostly set back to legacy mode and most graphical degradations were addressed with hotfixes and bugfixes.

But the milk is spilled and some will now always blame the console for everything that is not going as they hope.


I just saw that and it was an absolutely ridiculous statement for the poster to make.

Are there limitations to how accurate aircraft can be on Xbox? I guess based on what I’ve read, although I’m not sure using a different 3rd party nav chart that links to an iPad makes a whole lot of difference to me as Series X owner.

But I think Xbox users have every right to at least have a few add ons that are as close to you can get to their PC counterparts. I really don’t think that is asking too much.


Yes I understand the console will probably always have certain limitations that the PC does not. I’m fine with that.

It’s not fine however to say that anything even remotely approaching ‘study level’ should be kept away from the console. Like it’s users are somehow not worthy of such a thing.


I’m tried of sim crasheding and cockpit screens going out on Xbox series s


I think it’s great if more people use MSFS, regardless of hardware platform.
But, from a PC user perspective the introduction on Xbox had a bad start. A powerful PC has more CPU/GPU power than Xbox so it can’t look and run as good on Xbox. PC users were promised that there would not be degraded visuals when it was to become the same sim running on PC and Xbox. However, the Ultra and High settings became like medium with SU5 and we experienced degraded visuals (even more so in VR). I guess some PC users blame it on the Xbox users.
Many were quite happy how it looked and run in SU4, but were unhappy with SU5 and accomodating the game on Xbox and adhere to the same limitations regarding RAM and VRAM.
I guess another thing is the changed interaction, needing to fiddle with Xbox app, things stopped working in the sim etc.
Also, that many people playing on Xbox sees it’s more like a game than a sim and that is just fine. However, they might more be after action, hence Aspbo plans on introducing Reno Air races, Top Gun and the like.
Those interested in ”simming” sees that as the wrong priority to develop those things while there still are so many things not working (and has been broken for a year) in MSFS.

Anyway, that’s my point of view.


Yes, this. They feel that making MSFS working on Xbox has taken resources that MS could otherwise have used to make the sim work better on PC, and since the PC and Xbox versions use the same code base some changes that made the Xbox variant possible made the PC variant worse.

What those people fail to realize is that the influx of Xbox users means a much larger user base, meaning much more revenue that can be reinvested in MSFS development and maintenance benefiting PC as well as Xbox. Part of that benefit might already be here since the business case needed to authorize the MSFS budget would likely have included the predicted Xbox revenue.

The end result should be that the PC version gets better thanks to the Xbox users, not worse. One step back but three steps forward.

But some PC users do not realize that, thus the animosity.

And yeah for some it is just elitism, they are “real simmers” and not “just gamers”. Ignore those people.


The top gun and reno stuff doesn’t interest me, as I use MSFS as I am interested in aviation in general. Not after an Ace Combat style flight model. That is just boring.

Some will use it on the Xbox as something casual, yes. But the same can be said for some PC users. Which, is fine, because the more people that experience it, the better.

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The more people that invest in MSFS…and play on it… and interact with it… the greater it will be in the long run!

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Any why real simmers should be ignored? Any particular reason?


Try and keep up. The original question was why some people are so opposed to Xbox users, my response is that for some people that is just elitism and they feel they are better than others. I am suggesting to ignore the elitists since engaging with them accomplishes nothing. I gave an entirely different reason as well if you read the whole post.

I subscribe this point of view.

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I am keeping up but I thought I read some moderator says that the motto was… .a sim for everyone. That include the “real simmers”. Like Barmy said… The problem is not this sim goes to xbox. the prob is the way it was done. And now the real simmers can’t be real simmers anymore, and they were able to, just before SU5.
So Asobo can keep up their path, fine by me… but to tell this is a game for everyone, seems a joke… It should be “a game for the bigger group”… and the real simmers are not it.
To me, this is a broken simulator and I regret so much to have bought a deluxe version on the very first day of the launch.
But we live and learn, and real simmers should all pack their stuff and move on. This is no longer the place to be for that particular group.


This is a serious question, because I see it all the time. But what exactly makes a user a “true simmer” vs. just a MSFS user or gamer (gasp did he say gamer!?)? Very curious to hear the qualifications involved since we’re are all playing the same game (gasp there’s that word again and he said playing).

To me the definition can be found here https://www.ivao.aero/, a real simmer kind of network where I fly since 2001.
This is just my opinion… a true simmer enjoys the “as real as it gets”. But to be as real as it gets there are basic things that need to be attended. Long IFR flights is one of them, and due to some fps loss bug that was introduced with SU5 (among other bugs), that is a real hard thing to do since then (if not impossible) .
Again, nothing against xbox, or gammers that seek something else… But if this is not a sim for everyone at all. We were left out.


Realistic flight planning/ fuel / weight / calculating descents and approaches and utilizing Vatsim to actually implement ATC with real people. I think that makes it “true simming” in my opinion. I personally love both sides of it. I often keep myself entertained playing it as a game but also enjoy(when I have time to do so) learning the real life protocols and procedures to simulate as close to a IRL flight as possible. And the more I get into it the more I realize that it goes beyond what I would consider gaming. That’s what’s great about this game though! You can get the best of both! In my opinion it can be both a game and simulator at the same time. Just depends on what you’re into and how you use it.


There are no limitations on how accurate an aircraft can be. The only limitation is that you can’t run external programs on Xbox. So, this negates the way many developers extend the capabilities of core FS, but, I’m pretty sure Asobo is going to work very hard to add just about all, if not all, functionality previously required by external programs for systems and flight model to the SDK. Asobo is very supportive of supporting 3rd parties in the development of “study level” aircraft.