What's so bad about MSFS being on the Xbox?

Actually, they do have access to those things, and more are coming on the market.

I’m assuming, however, that you were being sarcastic.

This whole subject is stupid. People are people. That’s all there is. Nobody is “better”, there is no “best” way of using the simulator. Xbox users should be just as capable of using MSFS with any virtual ATC system, and, hopefully Asobo adds that capability someday soon.

Please just fly about your business… Nothing to see here…



No of course not. I am not speaking for anyone, I am summarizing a view I have heard some other posters express over numerous forum threads for many months.

The OP, being new to the forum, asked for help understanding the sometimes negative attitude against Xbox users, offering a couple suggestions, including

I have been on the forum much longer and have heard a lot of comments from many users about that exact thing. My response, quoting that part, and including the key word:

I.e., “they” refers to “some PC users”, namely those particular PC users who feel that way. Not all PC users.

If you are referring to my comment about it being a wise move FBW keeping the A320N off the marketplace, I can reassure you this has nothing to do with consoles. It is rather the stipulations Microsoft makes on marketplace items. By not having it on the market place, it allows the FBW developers much more leeway in terms of licenses involved and much much more expedient development releases. However, I presume you were not referring to my post as I made no reference, and never would, to consoles and most certainly would never use the term ‘console crowd’.

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Things will be looking up for both MSFS and X-Box users in 2022

  • Back 4 Blood. ( Warner Bros.) ...
  • Battlefield 2042. ( DICE) ...
  • Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. ( Square Enix) ..
  • Riders Republic. ( Ubisoft) ...
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard. ( Activision) ...
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2. ...
  • Forza Horizon 5. ...
  • Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.

I quite agree that people who dislike elitism should happily ignore it, especially in relation to PC v Console gamers. I haven’t come across many people on this forum fitting into this category. There are, however, many who have a quite possibly legitimate view, that being, that since SU5 when the sim underwent significant changes to facilitate it’s release on Xbox multiple facets of the sim have been downgraded to the detriment of those who had already payed for the sim itself, and quite probably for top end hardware to run the sim on max settings, settings which since SU5 and subsequent updates are no longer accessible to some.


I think long time PC users still remember the fiasco that was caused by MS shutting down the Aces Studio and promoting MS Flight as a replacement. Any signs of that hapoening again are being rebelled.


Okay, as long as they don’t water down the fresh squeezed O.J into Sunny-D and try saying they taste the same.


Yes, I agree with every word you say. SU5 had lots of regressions and many are upset with that, me included. Some of those regressions were inadvertent quality hiccups, but the initial release when it was not yet obvious which regressions were intentional and which were bugs caused even more upset feelings. And some regressions obviously remain.

That’s what I enjoy about aviation, and it’s what I try to do on the Xbox. Vatsim is the one difference, though. I don’t have that, unfortunately. The default ATC is terrible. I turn it off, and just make up clearances, approach vectors etc. Whilst using Navigraph charts on a tablet.

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No, somebody else made the comment. And explicitly used the words I said in my post.

I have no problem with what you said, or with FBW’s decision. I understand their reasoning.

That’s your opinion. But you’re generalising. Not all Xbox users just use a controller. Some of us actually have peripherals. Just as not all PC users use them. Some PC users just have an Xbox controller.

The game is there to stay on the Xbox platform. And I will continue to enjoy using it. As I said I’m not sure what it is with people who make your sort of inflammatory comment. Whether it’s fear, jealousy, anger, or just sheer pomposity, you seem to take great umbrage with anyone actually enjoying your sim.

Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but it belongs to everyone, Xbox and PC alike. Something you’ll have to tolerate.

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I won’t be playing any of those. I’ll be enjoying MSFS.


I think this is part of it, definitely. Jealousy.

It’s pathetic, in my view. It’s like a grumpy child who’s being forced to share the toys they play with. Except these people are supposed to be adults.


You’re probably right, that’s a legitimate view.

Where it crosses the line is when it descends into generalising insults about the reason all Xbox users enjoy it. Or the ‘this is ours, not yours, you’ll never be a real simmer’ diatribes I’ve occasionally come across.

Thankfully, the vast majority of people on the forums are courteous and seemingly happy for others to share and enjoy the experience.


Hi , thats a good question that you ask .though some folk will prob take the huff even for asking any question that may highlight differences between xbox users or pc users.

i think you’ve got to remember that there is a whole ‘community’ out there who have been using and followers of Microsoft flight sim for many many years. and as such they would have been pc users and for many , ill speak for myself here, the gaming console era has passed me by Im in my mid 50’s and while i love to see in shops that have the latest game running on display on consoles and I marvel at the graphics for me its just never been a thing.
and then a goodly number of years ago I watched as the only game /sim that i was interested in went into decline and eventually was allowed to fall by the wayside by Microsoft. yes I still kept it on my pc but it def wasn’t keeping up with what was now possible on game consoles. so when it was announced that the title was on the way back and when it was stated how good it was going to be myself like many other gamers/ sim enthusiasts where well chuffed. what has actually happened is that for the vast amount of console owners you’ve are being mislead . the possibilities and advancements that are being delivered daily by the community are probably never going to be available to xboxers. notice Microsoft isnt telling you that . but what is now happening is that this game is actually existing at two levels for those who use the pc version and those that use xbox. the flyby wire team have basically shown the truth in what I am saying yesterday. hence Microsoft have the ability if they wish to diverge the two versions and that would satisfy every one, but the fear is they wont and potentially may simply focus on the xbox and to some extent that would be a death call to pc users . to all xbox users i would say check out the features that are not available to you as an xbox users …check out the incredible free mods that are already available to pc users. and then ask microoft to deleiver the same for you. For i dont give a jot what platform is used to play or sim on so long as it delivers the best possible experience to everyone…which at present it isnt.

A reminder for this thread:

One World, One Community - No matter how you play – regardless of console, experience level, or reason – we are one community of aviation lovers.

A Pilot is a Pilot - Welcome new pilots to the community with respect, and seek to have positive experiences with your fellow pilots.

Not enough of the above happening here.


Bad? Nothing.

But that PC users get a huge downgrade in graphics that is bad.

And that is because we getting the same xbox ( optimized ) version.


I understand, was just yanking your chain :grinning:

Here is an example reason. It’s not Xbox, it’s Microsoft/Asobo degrading graphics to accommodate Xbox being sold as “optimizations” and being silent about it is the main issue. People who have built a 3,000€ PC are being disappointed with graphics downgrades to fit Xbox requirements.



Really? I seriously doubt that. There may be some animosity towards Microsoft’s decision to make “one” version for both platforms a “one size fits all” attitude. Thereby lowering the performance potential of the sim in order to achieve this. But Jealousy?.. C’mon now.