What's the deal with the wind?

There are no gusts in live weather, and it is ludicrously easy to land even in strong crosswinds that would normally result in a high chance of go-arounds and most likely diversions. Yesterday I tried landings at several location with the highest reported winds and gusts from badbadweather.com :: High gusts while the correct constant wind was shown on the display, in 40+ knot crosswinds with supposed gusts, there were no gusts, no turbulence and I could make the landings simply by setting a crab and then not having to touch the controls. It’s nonsense.

I think a lot of people don’t realise just how hard landing even in a moderate cross wind is. There seems to be a strange perception that if you can’t make a landing because of the turbulence, somehow turbulence is modelled incorrectly. This is what happens in REAL LIFE, once winds are getting beyond 20 knots crosswind it is challenging for real pilots in big jets, and yes they do get tossed around. And people here are upset that they can’t make a nice landing in their Cessna? It’s absurd. Go to youtube and look at videos of landings in stormy conditions, of Funchal just about any day of the year (flights regularly divert back to Portugal from Funchal and won’t go until the next day).

I can’t for the life of me understand why people want a flight simulator in which the planes fly around on rails even in storms? I flew back from Mexico to Madrid in real life the other day and yes in clear skies we were getting bumped around a lot, jet stream related I presume. In this sim I can fly into a monster cumulonimbus without a bump, it is such a fundamental flaw and it seems the developers don’t care, and a lot of people using the sim want it to stay that way judging by the complaints as soon as their flight gets the slightest bump.