Whats the most realistic A320 cockpit height and zoom

is 50 the most realistic ?

If you’re using the latest master development version of the A32NX mod by FlyByWire team, set everything in your camera settings to default and you’ll get the most realistic cockpit height and zoom.

The best thing to know how to adjust the camera in the cockpit, is to look at the red and white dots on the center pillar which is the Eye Reference Indicator. You line that properly, and you would be seeing the realistic optimal view.

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thanks for the reply.Right now i am using stable 0.4.1 and with the default values red/white ball doesnt match.Did they change pilot position in development 0.5 ??

They’ve changed the pilot position for weeks now in the development version. The Stable version is currently not compatible with the latest MSFS patches… So might as well jump straight to the development version. There’s a huge change there and it’s much more enjoyable.

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