What's the strongest wind you have flown in? (live weather)

Currently flying into a 123kt head wind in a TBM @ FL340

Not seen it that high before, what have you flown in? Live weather only of course

Now at 132kts, that’s nearly a 250km wind right?

actually I made a screenshot yesterday, when I had my strongest ever wind above Egypt; 139knts (by today is still quite windy)


About 160kn with the TBM@USA Eastcoast. But not direct on my nose.
You fly at FL340 with the TBM? Pretty much fuelflow inefficiently to go that high.

Flying from EGKK to EDDM, 124 kt tailwind.

Some days ago, I flew with my buddy @AmbitiousPilots to Rhodos. While Landing we had about 50 knots crosswind and gusts aswell. If you are looking for crosswind landings, I can recommend windy.com . It makes it easy to pick your destination, when searching heavy winds.


I was playing around with the TBM mod, seeing how high I could fly.

Ah ok. I made same checkrides to see if there is a chance to get higher than FL310 but fuelflow went to ridicules hight amounts and got only a few knots more speed, so i decided to go back to FL310. :joy:

Is that realistic?:face_with_monocle:

Hurricane Iota

I was up at 37,500 and it would still climb at a rate of about 800 without stalling!

I’ve had a cross wind of about 98 flying from Bordeaux France to Seattle. But fortunately, mild winds to land. Flew the Longitude, My favorite plane when not flying a slow prop plane for sight seeing.

At the moment with live weather on icao: SCRU has pretty harsch winds for it’s small runway… i got to land, than managed to take off into the wind, without touching the opposite side of the runway, whilst crossing it in the JMB VL-3. Pretty interesting at the moment.
Pretty nice scenic mountains there as well, btw.

Have fun.

200kt near SAEZ today. I got to fly backwards,

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All alive, I managed to land on SACG almost at the end of the runway.

Amazing Varig livery by the way!
Ah, the old times…

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That’s crazy, kudos for landing in that, what was the ground wind speed like?

On this airport 12kt, I switched to this one about 40 nm south of SAEZ. Near SAEZ it was impossible to fly against or with the crosswind. I followed the wind direction until I found an airport.