Whats up with flightsim.to?

I can’t really tell what benefits there are for being exclusive.

As for legacy sites, the ones I’ve sampled caused me extreme psychic and spiritual pain.

The reason flightsim.to has soared is because of its interface. And that interface has also made it a lot more fun for creators by interacting with users, responding to requests, seeing what they do with your mod and measuring stats etc.

Uploading to some grey cliff slab designed in 1999 and never hearing a peep again isn’t going to encourage people to keep the content coming.


I’d totally agree with the, multiple sites should be possible and supporting sites with a proven record.

Since I started basically any add ons that are free you had to get via flightsim.to and before the issues this week I was a bit annoyed as do believe limiting where can download stuff literally encourages bad practice and ultimately leaves consumers having to suffer for those practices. I had hoped Flightsim.to would be different on this however it does concern me the way things are going.

If have a list of good sites I’d be very interested as only see Flightsim.to and SOH mentioned but know must be more out there.

i have remove most of my files now,so they save space now :wink:

Honestly it’s unbelievable how many people feel entitled to these sites without contributing. Flightsim.com always had speed limits for non members, avsim asks for donations from time to time too. How many freeware developers went to the wall because the costs of running their site and the demands made by people who don’t actually contribute in any way made it untenable.
I’m sure some of us might know people who run free websites, that’s great. I’d suggest those people have good jobs and plenty of time. These people are trying to get a community resource up and running, one which has grown exponentially in the past year. They are clearly doing whatever they can to keep it running. I can tell you from experience nobody is going to become a millionaire from sticking some ads on theirs site, or selling some payware. They’re just trying to maintain it while holding down day jobs and paying the bills at the end of it. They’ve been have a bad few days and instead of support, this thread is full of self interest. Community eh?


I see that flightsim.to is back up, and I went to see about how to donate, buit they have this message:


Which I think is probably a good thing. If they charge a modest annual fee, then I think many people will think that good value. I’m thinking of something like sortitoutsi.net which is a similar kind of site for Football Manager. They host many downloads and helpful tools, and charge £10 per year to be able to download from the site. I don’t think many would object to that, especially if that helps to secure good servers and decent download speed and helps to give a means for devs to get their content “out there”. Coupled with the great feature of tracking your downloads and flagging when updates are available, I;d happily pay that.

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That’s over a space of a year or so of the site being up. The 110,566GB of data is all small chunks sat on individuals PC’s not some server our PC connects to each time we load the sim.

That is FALSE. Flightsim.to DOES NOT USE PEER EXCHANGE. Anything you download from there, comes from one of their servers across a connection they pay for.

You are not downloading bit’s from a collective of other users like peer exchange.

i have remove most of my files now,so they save space now :wink:

Congratulations. You just hurt nobody, well, except yourself. And the people who would have dl’ed your isht. But go on an indulge in your tempter tantrum if it gives you self satisfaction.

Honestly it’s unbelievable how many people feel entitled to these sites without contributing.

The stench of entitlement is sickening.

That was my point… That’s lots of little connections throughout it being downloaded. NOT some case of constant drain for just using it. Obviously it costs to operate but you’r wording made it seem as if that’s constant data deficit which isn’t how it works.

I have made clear I know this but what frustrates me is the constant problems for users with no communication about why or how we can help. People say donate and yes clearly but how do people know to if FlightSim.to don’t make posts calling for it. I’d also add that part of what makes Flightsim.to so popular and why projects like the FBW A320 are hosted there is the free community access. Those who can afford to support them absolutely should but we also shouldn’t be stigmatising / making it a stance of who is good or bad by who CAN financially support such a project.

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Absolutely agree with this sentiment. Those who can support it, “bravo”. Those who cannot, no shame to be had. They are equals in my eyes.

:frowning: flightsim.to is down…:frowning:

It’s a shame what happened to them since a year or so ago. It started so promising but then deteriorated with horrible site design and questionable practices. There are a few devs that left on fairly bitter terms.

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It’s been up for me. I’ve been downloading and installing stuff from there in the last couple of hours.