What's up with the splash screen?

Just 2 days ago the splash would hover around for hardly 10 seconds before going to the Asobo logo.

I deleted the cache and set the cache size again - now it’s back to almost 40 seconds… what gives??

By the way, when I reset the rolling cache size to a smaller one, why does my reserved space stay the same? Shouldn’t it go down too? Is this a known bug??

Series X

Busy servers.

When I reset the rolling cache, I find that it pays to go in Manually and delete the files in the specified Cache folder, before I have MSFS create a new Rolling Cache,

The only time I delete & recreate a new Rolling cache, though, is when there is a System Update.

Maybe, see if that works for you …

Pretty sure I mentioned I’m on Series X so there’s no folder to get into. If I delete reserved space in “manage games & apps” then all the WUs and my settings will get deleted too.

Otherwise I wouldnt be posting here if it were so straightforward.


Sorry - MY BAD – did not notice that this was in the X-Box area !!

I’ll be more diligent next time I post & check I do not suggest PC solutions in an X-Box thread !!