What's with ATC?

Since update 7 ATC is saying all kinds of stuff I don’t understand. It starts off ok but when it gets to like RNAV approach to 17C it starts spitting out all kinds of information I don’t understand. Somehow Microsoft got in there. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks

Can you clarify what exactly is being said?

My guess is he is referring to ATC spewing out actual programming code text instead of the intended speech - I have encountered the same gibberish.


Your right, whatever it is it’s just a bunch of gibberish.

This happens when your lose connection to the Azure server and rely on the sim itself to decipher the ATC code.


Same experience here, but after a while it quit. Normal in all a/c now. ?

Good to know – Microsoft-fopen-blah-blah-blah Thank you …

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How do I reconnect to Azure server. As far as I know I’m playing online.

This has happened to me several times recently and I had assumed that it was a consequence of a poor internet connection, my speeds and bandwidth do vary a lot. Whenever it has happened I have had a big red on white pop up advising that connection to Azure has been lost. It seemed to me that when the broadband picks up the system reconnects to the Azure server automatically.

The gibberish clue for me was, when requesting landing authority - “whisky, indiia, november, delta, 220 at 8” :wink:

Maybe. But I haven’t used Azure in months. I use the offline option that uses Windows text to voice instead and it works just fine.

Those moments where it starts to actually spell words are rare and I’ve never experienced it reading me the entire script string to me.

I also noticed this? Both Spanish and English languages are mixed?

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Its probably not on your end but rather on the server side. So there is no way to manually reconnect. It will do so on its own (I think)

I think this gibberish only appears if Azure “disconnects” whilst you are in the middle of an ATC “exchange”. Has only happened once to me, yesterday actually, but on the next call ATC was fine albeit in the offline mode. Like everyone, I’ve had the warning that Azure is dropping out and you get the rather amateurish voices but not the gibberish.
It eventually restarted Azure without any intervention from me.

Hi! Yeah, i have a similar problem. My atc read the text in the chat (italian) but as those are english world. Basiclly i cant undestand nothing. This also happend on the training mission. The team sayd is fixed, but I still have this problem.


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